Global Animation Trends – June 2023

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The global animation industry has become a major force in entertainment, captivating audiences of all ages with its imaginative storytelling and visually stunning artistry. As the demand for animated content continues to grow, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest trends in development and acquisition within the animation industry. In this report, we delve into the analysis of global animation companies’ content production, development, and acquisition activities during the period of January’23 to April’23 in comparison to previous 2 years.

Animation Content Acquisition & Production: Most Active Companies

Global Animation - Top Companies
source: Vitrina Deal Intelligence™

During the four-month period from January to April, our extensive analysis encompassed a vast number of animation commissioning, production, development, and acquisition deals across over 50 countries. The findings revealed a set of companies that stood out as the most active and influential in the realm of animation production, commissioning, and acquisition.

Leading the pack is Netflix, a global streaming giant that has revolutionized the way audiences consume entertainment. With their extensive library of animated content, Netflix consistently secured a prominent position on the leaderboards during this period. The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality animated shows and films has made it a go-to platform for animation enthusiasts worldwide.

Another major player in the animation industry is Disney+. As a prominent subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, Disney+ has emerged as a dominant force in the streaming market. With a treasure trove of beloved franchises and characters under their belt, Disney+ has been successful in capturing the attention of both children and adults with their captivating animated content.

Crunchyroll, a popular platform dedicated to anime and East Asian content, also made its mark in the animation industry during the Jan-Apr period. Known for its vast selection of anime series and films, Crunchyroll has become a go-to platform for anime enthusiasts worldwide, further solidifying its position on the leaderboards.

Hulu, a streaming service offering a wide range of content, including animated shows and films, also showcased its active involvement in animation production, commissioning, and acquisition during this period. With a diverse catalog of animated content, Hulu continues to attract viewers who appreciate a variety of animation styles and genres.

Apple TV+, the streaming service launched by Apple, has also made its presence felt in the animation industry. With a focus on original content, AppleTV+ has been investing in animated productions that cater to different audiences, contributing to its inclusion among the most active companies in animation during the Jan-Apr period.

While these companies consistently dominated the leaderboards, it is essential to acknowledge the absence of some notable names from the Jan-Apr leaderboard. Max, Cartoon Network, and U-Next Japan, which have traditionally been prominent players in the animation industry, did not feature prominently during this specific timeframe. This indicates a dynamic landscape where new entrants and emerging players have gained traction, challenging the established industry leaders.

Global Animation - Top Companies, missing in action
source: Vitrina Deal Intelligence™

Animation Content Production & Development: Most Active Companies

Animation Content Production & Development: Most Active Companies

In addition to acquisition, we also examined animation production and development deals during the same Jan-Apr period. The top companies in animation production and development during this time were:


  • Warner Bros Animation: With a rich history and a portfolio of iconic characters and franchises, Warner Bros Animation consistently delivers high-quality animated content.
  • 20th Century Fox Animation: As the animation division of 20th Century Studios, this company contributes its expertise and creativity to the production and development of animated films and TV shows.
  • Lucasfilm Animation: Known for expanding the Star Wars universe through animated series and films, Lucasfilm plays a significant role in animation production and development.
  • Nelvana: This Canadian animation studio produces a diverse range of animated content, captivating audiences with engaging and imaginative shows and films.
  • Titmouse: As an independent animation studio, Titmouse pushes creative boundaries and delivers unique and innovative projects, contributing to the dynamic landscape of animation.

These companies consistently showcased their prowess in producing and developing animated content. However, the absence of industry giants such as Dreamworks Animation, Bento Box Entertainment, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network Studios is notable.

Global Animation Trends
source: Vitrina Deal Intelligence™
Global Animation Companies - Missing in action
source: Vitrina Deal Intelligence™

Global Animation Production, Development Projects

Further analysis of animation production and development deals revealed significant shifts within the industry. The period from January to April witnessed a surge in animation movie releases, reaching its peak in the previous year. The chart below illustrates the annual animation film releases globally, indexed on the year 2021

Global Animation Movie Releases
source: Vitrina Deal Intelligence™

The number of animation film releases increased steadily until it reached its peak during the pandemic in 2021. However, the subsequent year experienced a downturn due to cancellations by major companies, resulting in a decrease of 30% compared to the previous year. This year, the animation movie output is projected to be modest, with the industry focusing more on series and mid/small-budget projects.

Global Animation - Production and Development projects worldwide
source: Vitrina Deal Intelligence™

Prominent Animation Titles in Production/Development/Renewals

Several notable animation projects are currently in production, development, or renewal stages, showcasing the diverse range of stories and characters that animation can bring to life. Some of these titles include:


  1. Transformers: EarthSpark
  2. Mulligan
  3. Unicorn Academy (Book Adaptation)
  4. Moominvalley
  5. Stillwater
Global Animation Trends

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