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Toonz Media Group
Atomic Cartoons Canada
Sony Pictures
Friday Filmworks
SBT Brazil
Applause Entertainment

Trusted by top entertainment companies globally

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CXOs, Founders & Owners
SVPs, Vice Presidents & Directors
Content Acquisition & Distribution Leaders
Heads of Production, Post, Localization, Animation
CXOs, Founders & Owners
SVPs, Vice Presidents & Directors
Content Acquisition & Distribution Leaders
Heads of Production, Post, Localization, Animation
Global Footprint
Entertainment Leaders

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Distribution & Rights Management Execs are on Vitrina!

  • Track recent deals in global distribution, licensing, pre-buys and IP sales
  • Locate the right cross-border licensees
  • Understand buyers’ content preferences
  • Get inbound licensing and co-pro enquiries

Sales Leaders generate leads on Vitrina

  • Track buyers of content and services, globally
  • Track upcoming projects of top buyers
  • Generate Leads-List using Vitrina’s Industry Intel Profile top buyers’ preferences of vendors
  • Get inbound enquiries from Vitrina’s network

CXOs of VFX, Post, Localization, Distribution companies are here!

  • Track industry intel within your specialization
  • Enhance own storefront profile to receive inbound enquiries
  • Compare own presence versus competition
  • Generate Leads-List for your Sales Org

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Create your seller profile for free. Update your company storefront with the latest content and services

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Access Vitrina’s supply-chain knowledge and obtain sales leads with a paid subscription model.

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Here's how people use Vitrina to power their work

Connect with top production and distribution companies for content acquisiton, Co-Pro, pre-buys, IP rights.

Content Buyers

Move at the pace of the trending & high-demand content

Cut through the clutter of media and entertainment industry

Execute global media strategy and enter international markets

Content Seller

Understand buyer preferences across genres, languages, markets, partners and IP

Stand out in the crowded marketplace and share your content across borders

Navigate the complex legal and financial aspects of content licensing and distribution

Content Distributors

Gain insights about recent deal activities in distribution, licensing, global pre-buys and pre-sales

Understand buyers’ content preferences and partner relationships

Reach the right target markets and help generate revenue for your company


Stay up to date on the changing landscape of the entertainment industry

Identify promising projects and assess the potential partners for commercial success

Navigate the complex legal and financial aspects of content production and distribution

Business Development Leaders

Identify new distribution channels or markets

Develop strategies for increasing sales and revenue

Negotiate deals with content buyers or sellers

Production & Post Production Leaders

Stay up to date on content trends and emerging technologies in the entertainment industry

Identify studios, infra and tech firms, and ancillary service providers to streamline production and post-production processes

Navigate the complex legal and financial aspects of content production and post-production

Strategy, CXOs and Corp-Dev

Stay up to date on rapidly changing market and competitive intelligence, monitor global content trends and consumer preferences

Keep track of changes in supply chain to develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in the industry

Conduct region-wise analysis to understand local and global market conditions and regulations

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Specialist Companies With Updated Storefronts

Our diverse seller community includes distribution companies, service providers, specialist solutions in infra, and tech from around the world. Discover if your competitors are already on the platform and explore new opportunities to stay ahead of your competition.

Nathan Love

Production House, Creative Services, Pre-Production
🇺🇸 USA
Watch Showreel

Saran Digital Studios

Localisation, Post-Production
🇹🇷 Turkey
Watch Showreel


Localisation, Distribution Company
🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Watch Showreel

Green Buzz Agency

Creative Services, Production Services, Post-Production, Pre-Production
🇺🇸 United States of America
Watch Showreel

Changing Film Productions

Production Services, Creative Services, Pre-Production, Post-Production
🇺🇸 USA
Watch Showreel

Citrus Ink Studios

Post-Production, Creative Services
🇮🇳 India
Watch Showreel

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