Disney – Netflix Agreement, €1.1 Billion Move by DPG Media, Apple Exclusive Deal, and Google TV Streaming Expansion – Big Brands Buzz


In this week’s edition of the Entertainment Supply Chain Digest, we unravel the latest seismic shifts from industry giants.

Dive into the intrigue of the Disney-Netflix alliance, witness DPG Media’s staggering €1.1 Billion move, explore Apple’s exclusive triumph, and ride the wave of Google TV’s streaming expansion.

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IP Deals

Hottest IP Stories, Formats, Books, Games, Podcasts to be turned into the next big blockbuster

Production Deals

Sneak peak into recently announced production projects worldwide
  • Elliot Page to produces ‘An Avocado Pit’ Elliot Page, along with Pageboy Productions partners Matt Jordan Smith and Tuck Dowrey, join as executive producers for the LGBTQ+ short film “An Avocado Pit,” directed by Ary Zara, depicting the transformative meeting of Larissa and Claudio, a trans woman and cis man, who unite for an evening of dancing and embracing their differences. (🇵🇹 🇺🇸)
  • Apple signs Exclusive Deal with Yoruba Saxon for Original Content Apple secures a multi-year first-look deal with David and Jessica Oyelowo’s Yoruba Saxon banner, marking an exclusive partnership for the development and production of features and series for Apple TV+.(🌐)
  • Global Co-Producers Back ‘Notun Gur’ International co-producers, including Akanga Film Asia, Film Council Productions, Betula Films, and In Front Films, join the Indian production team for the financing stage of “Notun Gur – A New Sweetness,” directed by Deyali Mukherjee and produced by Sriram Raja of SRDM Productions, with collaboration from Pramod Films and Magic Hour Films. (🌐)
  • Nicolas Cage Returns: ‘Lords of War’ Sequel in Morocco Karim Debbagh’s Kasbah Films is working on the sequel of “Lords of War,” featuring Nicolas Cage. Set to film in Morocco, benefiting from the increased 30% local tax rebate, the new “first come, first served” system potentially will impact other international productions in the country. (🇲🇦)
  • Go Button Media has received orders from Autentic and Super Channel for two 2024 commissions, including “Colossal Weapons,” a six-part series delving into global wartime technological advancements, and a 2nd season of “Deadly Science,” which explores the relentless pursuit of scientific progress by innovative minds. (🇩🇪 🇨🇦)

Season Renewals

More episodes on the way! Season Renewal Announcements
  • New Season of Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ to premiere on Valentine’s Day Netflix announces the renewal of reality dating series “Love Is Blind” for its sixth and seventh seasons, with Season 6 scheduled for a Valentine’s Day premiere, featuring singles choosing a spouse based on conversations through a wall in a unique and unconventional approach to modern dating. (🌐)
  • Prime Video announces the eagerly awaited third season of the comedy drama series “ImMATURE,” continuing the emotional and humorous journey of protagonists Dhruv, Kabir, and Susu as they navigate the challenges of friendship, love, and self-discovery in their transition from school to adulthood. (🇮🇳)
  • MTV announces the renewal of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” for Season 7, set to premiere in 2024, following strong series ratings in Season 6. It is produced by SallyAnn Salsano and Frank Miccolis for 495 Productions. (🇺🇸)
  • Star+ kicks off filming for Season 5 of the Brazilian series “Impuros,” part of Star Original Productions, where protagonist Evandro do Dendê navigates the challenges of international drug trafficking and rising as Rio de Janeiro’s traffic leader, leading to a collision between his ambitious pursuits and family conflicts.(🇦🇷)
  • Home Sweet Rome!’ to return for Season 2 The Italian-Canadian teen series “Home Sweet Rome!” has been renewed for a second season. Currently in development, it explores the adventures of a 13-year-old American girl navigating life in Rome with her dad and famous Italian pop star stepmother, addressing challenges of long-distance friendships and featuring original music. (🇮🇹)

Distribution Deals

Distributors securing worldwide content across different genres, languages and format types
  • Channel 5 commissions two natural history titles, “Croc Watch” and “Hippo Watch,” featuring naturalist Steve Backshall’s exploration into the lives of crocodiles and hippos in South Africa, with international distribution rights handled by Fremantle. (🇬🇧)
  • Magnify Secures Global Rights for Austrian Satire ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ Magnify secures global and U.S. sales rights for the Austrian social satire “Veni Vidi Vici” ahead of its Sundance premiere. Portraying the seemingly perfect billionaire Maynard family living free from consequences due to their wealth and unconventional choices in hunting, the series is directed by Daniel Hoesl and Julia Niemann. (🇦🇹 🌐)
  • DeAPlaneta Acquires Global Rights for ‘Nina & Olga’ DeAPlaneta Entertainment secures international distribution rights (excluding Italy, Australia, and North America) for the hit Italian 2D animated preschool series “Nina & Olga,” co-produced by Enanimation and Kreiworks in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, based on the books by Nicoletta Costa. (🇮🇹)
  • The low-budget dystopian horror film “Wintertide,” produced by Barnard and Tony Wosk under Farpoint Films, is set to captivate audiences in India, promising intense suspense and high-stake situations in an eerie calm environment, with distribution by VR Films and Studios. (🇮🇳)
  • Abacus Media Rights Sells Peninsula TV Docs Globally Abacus Media Rights secures sales for Peninsula Television’s documentary titles, including “The Heiress and the Heist,” “Confessions of a Crime Boss,” and “Scissor Sisters,” with pre-sales to Sundance Now and RTE, and further sales to various platforms globally, while “Murdered: The Baby on the Beach” is sold to BBC Studios after being pre-sold to Virgin Media TV and Channel 4. (🇬🇧 🇮🇪 🇺🇸)

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Acquisition Deals

Streamers & channels acquiring latest content across the world


Cross-Border Collaborations, Joint Ventures, M&A and Partnerships!

Companies Making Headlines

Launch and Expansions of facilities, studios, services & technologies

Featured New Specializations

Global innovations & breakthroughs in the Entertainment supply-chain

Localization & Post-Production

Latest updates in the world of content Localization & Post-Production

Animation, VFX & Virtual Production

Latest global updates in Animation, Visual Effects VFX & Virtual Production
  • Fuzzy Door Tech Launches ViewScreen Suite for Filmmakers Seth MacFarlane’s Fuzzy Door Tech releases ViewScreen suite, aiding filmmakers with real-time visualization and animation on standard devices.(🇺🇸)
  • Parallax Studio unveils a new on-set virtual production site, announced during its December 7th opening. Collaborating with Robosheep Studio, GV Labs, and Will Studios for “The Guardian.” (🇺🇸)
  • Modyfi Launches Code-Free Animation Editing for Creative Freedom Modyfi, a new design platform, introduces free, code-free real-time animation editing, enhancing creativity for social media, art, and campaigns. (🌐)
  • Pixotope Enhances Zoom Capabilities for Real-Time Virtual Production Pixotope updates Pixotope Fly, its markerless camera-tracking software for real-time virtual production, introducing zoom capabilities for augmented reality (AR), extended reality (XR), and Virtual Studio (VS) technology. (🇳🇴)
  • LucidLink and Magicbox collaborate for Seamless Virtual Production Workflows LucidLink partners with Magicbox, integrating instant data access and collaboration for virtual production workflows in motion pictures and immersive experiences. (🇺🇸)

Fast Channels

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