LATAM: Film/TV Production Financing & Content Licensing Trends

Join our LIVE session to explore the dynamic landscape of Production Financing and Content Licensing in South America. Discover the latest trends, strategies of global players, and insights into the thriving entertainment markets of Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico.

  • 🚀 Global Strategies:

    Explore the innovative approaches adopted by industry giants like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ as they navigate the ever-evolving content landscape.

  • 🔍 Local Players on Our Radar:

    Gain insights into the strategies of prominent local players, including Globo, SBT, RecordTV, Caracol, Televisa Univision, and Claro.

  • 🗣️ Language Landscape:

    Delve into the impact of local languages (Brazilian Portuguese, Hispanic) versus foreign languages (English, Korean, Turkish, French) on content creation, licensing, and audience engagement.

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