MIPCOM 2023: Navigating Hollywood’s Slowdown and the Future of Entertainment

MIPCOM 2023: Navigating Hollywood’s Slowdown and the Future of Entertainment

The world of entertainment is abuzz with anticipation as MIPCOM 2023 approaches. Hollywood, the epicenter of the global entertainment industry, finds itself at a crossroads. Productions have ground to a halt, paralyzing the industry. Amid this uncertainty, there’s a surging demand for unscripted, factual content, leaving production companies with stalled projects and networks searching for solutions.

Hollywood’s Standstill: WGA Strikes called off tentatively. Impact of production delays

The WGA strike has been tentatively called off. This influential guild is the creative backbone of the American (and, by extension, global) entertainment industry. They have nearly stopped all scripted productions from the United States. This has created a major shortfall in the global supply of new titles. As speculations persist, the entertainment world is left wondering how networks and studios will adapt to this unprecedented shortage in new releases for english content. With capital locked up in production deals, global giants such as Netflix, Amazon, WBD, Paramount Global, and Comcast have little wiggle room to keep audiences glued to their channels.

The Entertainment Landscape in 2024: A Look Ahead

As we inch closer to 2024, the aftermath of the events in 2023 will undoubtedly shape the entertainment sector’s future. Will we witness a flood of international content inundating our streaming subscriptions? If you wish to have more detailed information or seek a more comprehensive insight into what to expect at MIPCOM this year, sign up to get your Vitrina account today.

MIPCOM has always been a pivotal event in the entertainment industry, but this year, there will be new questions on everyones minds. As networks grapple with the production standstill and prepare budgets for the coming year, all eyes are on the licensing deals that will be struck during the event.

But what kinds of deals can we expect in the current landscape? With studios and networks looking to bolster their content libraries, licensing deals for existing shows and fresh concepts are likely to be on the table. While scripted content may be scarce, unscripted series, documentaries, and factual programming are poised to shine. Distributors are gearing up to showcase their content slates, enticing buyers with a diverse range of narratives.

Some of the top deal makers expected to attend MIPCOM

  • Anne Chérel


  • Ramy Nahas

    SND Films

  • Stuart Ford

    AGC International

  • John Von Thaden

    Magnolia Pictures

  • Marie Lamboeuf

    Urban Sales

  • Maren Kroyman


  • Helen Lee-Kim


  • Alice Lesort

    Les Films du Losange

  • Nicolas Brigaud-Robert


  • Iván Diaz


  • James Anderson

    DCD Rights

  • Yohann Comte


  • George Hamilton

    Protagonist Pictures

  • Meriame Deghedi

    MAD Solutions

  • Marta Monjanel


  • Jean-Christophe Simon

    Films Boutique

  • Hannah Cesarani

    TVF International

  • Gianluca Chakra

    Front Row Filmed Entertainment

  • Julia Schulte

    France TV Distribution

  • Ionanna Stais


  • Quentin Worthington

    MPM Premium

  • Arianne Fraser

    Highland Film Group

  • Delphine Perrier

    Highland Film Group

  • Tania Pinto Da Cunha

    Pink Parrot Media

Tracking Top Distributors and Preempting their MIPCOM Catalogs

Vitrina, a leading industry tracker, has been diligently monitoring the pulse of production, distribution, and acquisition deals throughout 2023. The emergence of unscripted content has not gone unnoticed, and distributors are poised to impress buyers with their carefully curated content slates.

In this article, we take a look at some of the top distributors attending MIPCOM and speculate/ preempt their catalogs on offer basis recent activities monitored as well as their near-completion projects.

Licensing opportunities from top distributors attending MIPCOM 2023

All3Media International

Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax
Untitled Emily Turner Documentary
The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet
The Long Shadow

Abacus Media Rights

The Price of Truth
Secret World of Sound with David Attenborough
Princess Anne: The Plot to Kidnap a Royal
Savage Waters
Paid in Full: The Battle for Payback

TVF International

The Big Boss: A 21st Century Criminal
Extraordinary Ecosystems
Carbon: The Unauthorised Biography
Hepworth: A Life in Sculpture
How To Catch A Killer

Cineflix Rights

Designing Dreams
Hitler’s Engineers
Ride of Your Life With Courtney Hansen
Men Up

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MK2 Films

Untitled Joachim Trier Family Drama
How To Have Sex
In the Beautiful Garden That I Have Planted
The Falling Star

France TV Distribution

Le système Victoria
Big Kids
Noël au balcon
Rien à Perdre!

Front Row Filmed Entertainment

The Boy and the Heron
Little Nicholas: Happy As Can Be
The Kill Room
97 Minutes
Agent Zero

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