Lionsgate Billion-Dollar Spin off, ZDF Studios & Disney Primetime Deal, Fremantle Ventures, Comcast & Paramount Extended Alliance, and more

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In this week’s edition of the Entertainment Supply Chain Digest, we unravel the latest seismic shifts from industry giants.

Dive into the dynamic world of entertainment as we unravel the chapters of Lionsgate billion-dollar spin off, witness the primetime deal between ZDF Studios and Disney, explore Fremantle’s ventures shaping the industry, and unveil the extended alliance of Comcast & Paramount.

Join us this week in our LIVE session to explore the dynamic landscape of Production Financing and Content Licensing in EMEA. Discover the latest trends, strategies of global players, and insights into the thriving entertainment markets of EMEA.

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Global Entertainment Leaders Speak

Chris Ledoux Crafty Apes
Chris Ledoux – CoFounder & Chairman at Crafty Apes
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Jayakumar P – CEO at Toonz Media Group

IP Deals

Hottest IP Stories, Formats, Books, Games, Podcasts to be turned into the next big blockbuster

Production Deals

Sneak peak into recently announced production projects worldwide

Season Renewals

More episodes on the way! Season Renewal Announcements

Distribution Deals

Distributors securing worldwide content across different genres, languages and format types

Acquisition Deals

Streamers & channels acquiring latest content across the world


Cross-Border Collaborations, Joint Ventures, M&A and Partnerships!
  • Warner Bros. Discovery solidifies its global growth strategy by acquiring full ownership of BluTV, Turkey’s subscription video-on-demand service, after initially securing a 35% stake in 2021. (🇹🇷)
  • Comcast and Paramount Global have successfully extended their comprehensive carriage agreement, ensuring the continued availability of CBS stations and Paramount channels on Comcast’s cable systems for approximately 14.5 million video subscribers and 29 million broadband subscribers. (🇺🇸)
  • Curiosity Inc. joins forces with Telkomsel in a strategic partnership, to introduce the Curiosity Channel to Telkomsel’s IndiHome subscribers, and offer a range of award-winning unscripted content spanning science & tech, history, nature, travel, and more. (🇮🇩)
  • ERA Ltd and Tyrell join forces through a strategic partnership, enhancing Tyrell’s offerings to the media, broadcast, and production markets by collaboratively providing hosting, cloud services, infrastructure, and storage tailored to the dynamic needs of the M&E industry. (🇬🇧)

Companies Making Headlines

Launch and Expansions of facilities, studios, services & technologies

Featured New Specializations

Global innovations & breakthroughs in the Entertainment supply-chain
  • Seoul’s Spaceblock Co. debuts innovative motion capture 3D animation packs on Unreal Engine Marketplace, transforming virtual gaming and live performances.(🇰🇷)
  • Filmworkz introduces Loki 2.0, an automated restoration app utilizing Emmy award-winning DVO tools to upscale, denoise, and sharpen archive footage for broadcasting and streaming. (🇺🇸)
  • FilmLight reveals Baselight 6.0, showcasing ML-driven Face Track tool for face detection and tracking, alongside timeline enhancements and grading tools.
  • Pika Labs unveils Pika 1.0, a text-to-video AI accessible online, enabling users to create diverse videos, competing with AI video tools like Stability AI and Runway.(🌐)
  • Microsoft enhances Copilot AI with a synthetic music engine in collaboration with Suno, enabling users to prompt Copilot for custom song compositions based on specified music and lyric preferences. (🌐)

Localization & Post-Production

Latest updates in the world of content Localization & Post-Production

Animation, VFX & Virtual Production

Latest global updates in Animation, Visual Effects VFX & Virtual Production

Fast Channels

World of FAST channels, streaming & related market moves
  • Amagi collaborates with Latino Alternative TV (LATV) to launch a FAST channel, catering to the streaming needs of the diverse Hispanic and Latino community. LATV has secured distribution agreements in anticipation of the channel’s launch.. (LATAM)
  • Wedotv debuts three FAST channels—Wedo Movies, Wedo Big Stories, and Wedo Sports—on Amazon Freevee in Germany. The channels feature a range of content, including female-skewing movies, outdoor survival documentaries, science programming, and sports content. (🇩🇪)
  • Kinostar collaborates with OKAST to launch its first FAST channel, Turk on Video Free, offering a curated selection of Turkish movies as a linear complement to Kinostar’s existing Turk on Video channels on Amazon Channels in German-speaking Europe, Benelux, and Scandinavia. (🇹🇷)
  • African Movie Channel has partnered with Cineverse to introduce its FAST channel, Nolly Africa HD, in the US and Canada. This 24-hour premium Nollywood channel offers curated English language movies, TV series, talk shows, reality productions, and other engaging content. (🇳🇬)
  • Zattoo introduces HD-quality FAST channels with features like pause, starting from the beginning, and a seven-day catch-up option in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Includes Top True Crime, Top Filme, Craction TV, Naruto, Strongman Champions League, Terra Mater Wild, Enquêtes de Choc, and Homicide. (🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭)

New Global Arrivals

Recent biggest releases across the globe!
  • “Goodbye Julia,” the first Sudanese feature at Cannes, sets a record for the highest-grossing non-Egyptian or non-Saudi arthouse film in the GCC, generating $349K+ across Gulf countries after its release by MAD Solutions. (🇦🇪 🇸🇦 🇰🇼 🇶🇦 🇴🇲)
  • Malaysia’s first crowdfunded film, “Pendatang,” addressing the sensitive topic of race and released online for free to circumvent strict censorship. It has gone viral on YouTube with over 408,000 views in four days. (🇲🇾)
  • Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix’s acclaimed film “Joker” is now available on Netflix.(🌐)
  • The SPY x FAMILY CODE: White” anime film has garnered success in Japanese theaters, screening on approximately 433 screens, including 50 IMAX theaters. It secured the top position in the weekend box office, earning an impressive 1.224 billion yen (about US$8.61 million) in its initial three days. (🇯🇵)
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