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In the ever-evolving world of animation, where creativity knows no bounds, there exists a global force that has been pioneering the art and science of animated storytelling for over two decades. Welcome to a conversation with Toonz Media Group, a 360-degree media powerhouse and one of the leading animation production companies. At the helm of this creative force is Jayakumar P., a seasoned visionary and the CEO of Toonz Media Group. With over a decade of proven managerial and strategic experience in the international animation content production and distribution industry, Jayakumar P. stands as a driving force behind Toonz’s remarkable journey.

Jayakumar P. has not only spearheaded Toonz’s rise but has also served as the Co-Executive Producer for numerous award-winning animated television shows, feature films, and DVD releases. His illustrious portfolio includes collaborations with iconic media production houses such as Walt Disney, Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Lionsgate, Hallmark, BBC, Sony Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. Through his leadership, Toonz Media Group has continued to push the boundaries of animation, bringing joy to families worldwide with captivating storytelling and groundbreaking innovation. Join us as we delve into the insights and experiences of this animation industry expert, and discover the secrets behind Toonz’s enduring legacy.

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Jayakumar P CEO at Toonz Media Group
Jayakumar P

CEO at Toonz Media Group

Toonz Media Group

Evolving Industry Trends:

Vitrina: How do you anticipate the animation entertainment industry will evolve in the coming year, and what opportunities do you believe will emerge for your company?

Jayakumar: The animation entertainment industry is undergoing a sea of change. What was initially considered ‘Children’s entertainment’ has now become a medium for both kids and families alike. This has opened wide opportunities for the animation industry as more adult-themed and narrative-driven animation is emerging. Being a pioneer in animation entertainment for 25 years, Toonz has already predicted this trend and our animated series and feature films are developed for whole family audiences in addition to children-friendly content. It is an exciting time for us as we launched Toonz feature film division this year, which is currently producing some of the big-ticket animated feature films in line with this evolving trend.

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Impact of Emerging Technologies:

Vitrina: Can you share your insights on the potential impact of emerging technologies on animation content and distribution channels in the next year?

Jayakumar: It is evident that adoption of emerging technologies in animation production has become a necessity and is not just optional. We are investing in new technologies such as real-time rendering, AI, and VR/AR. These technologies can be used to create more immersive and realistic animation experiences, which will appeal to a wider audience. For example, real-time rendering allows animators to see their work in real time, which can help them to iterate more quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, AI can be used to automate tasks such as character rigging and texturing, which can free up animators to focus on more creative work. Moreover, VR/AR can be used to create immersive experiences that allow viewers to interact with animation content in new ways. All these technologies show a lot of potential and we are excited to step into the era where technology will play an even more important role in animation production.

On the other hand, AI can be used to automate tasks such as character rigging and texturing, which can free up animators to focus on more creative work.

Content Strategy:

Vitrina: Can you provide insights into your company’s content production, acquisition, and development strategy for the next year?

Jayakumar: Our content strategy is well aligned with our core purpose: “To entertain the world and make families happy.” We have a robust development team, who work very closely with our partners in developing the creative and commercially successful IPs. We have also developed many successful IPs in-house, and we firmly believe that the story is the most important aspect of any film, animated or otherwise. An emerging trend in content strategy is the data-driven approach, which we are very keenly learning about. We believe that a data-driven approach to identifying the consumer preferences will be the next big thing in content development and production in animation entertainment.

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Contingency Planning:

Vitrina: Given the unpredictability of global events, what contingency plans or risk mitigation strategies are in place to ensure the stability and growth of your business in the upcoming year?

Jayakumar: As a pioneering animation production company that has had its presence for 25 years, we have crossed many challenging situations. While it is true that the current global events has caused slight delays for some of our international productions, we are also pragmatic to deal with any implications that might result if the current challenging situation lasts long. We do have a business contingency plan encompassing strategies like going back to the drawing board to revise project timelines, working with stakeholders to find a feasible win-win situation and also to keep in place robust policies to meet all project requirements, including manpower requirements.

About Toonz Media Group:

Toonz is a 360-degree media powerhouse and one of the world’s leading animation production companies creating, producing, and distributing premium television series & feature film content for kids and families across the world. Starting off as a pioneer in animation production in India in 1999, Toonz is today a global force in kids and family entertainment with 1000+ strong team, 11 global offices, and 10 group companies, serving the global marketplace. Toonz Media Group is part of the multi-billion-dollar Comcraft Group, focused on building entrepreneurial talents and businesses across the world. The Group has a strong presence in over 80 countries in sectors ranging from metal processing, plastic, packaging, technology, electronics, and media.

Toonz Media Group's Latest Work

Why You Should Connect With Toonz Media Group?
  • Global Animation Powerhouse: Toonz, a pioneer in animation production, is a global force with 20+ years of experience, offering top-notch content for kids and families worldwide.
  • End-to-End Capabilities: As a 360-degree media company, Toonz provides comprehensive services, including production, distribution, licensing, merchandising, AR/VR, gaming, and education.
  • Proven Track Record: Collaborations with industry giants like BBC, Disney, and Universal showcase Toonz’s excellence. Award-winning projects like “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” demonstrate their quality.
  • Innovative Gaming Expertise: Toonz Gaming pioneers web3-based play-to-earn games, leveraging blockchain and metaverse technologies. They create diverse games across genres with cutting-edge development tools.
  • Education and Community Engagement: Toonz’s commitment to nurturing talent is evident through Toonz Academy and Animation Masters Summit, fostering creative excellence and collaboration in the animation industry.
Jayakumar P CEO at Toonz Media Group
Jayakumar P
CEO at Toonz Media Group
Toonz Media Group
Toonz Media Group

Guest Details

Jayakumar P CEO at Toonz Media Group
Jayakumar P
CEO at Toonz Media Group

Jayakumar P., a visionary leader at Toonz, co-produced acclaimed animated shows and films, fostering collaborations with industry giants for global storytelling and innovation.

Toonz Media Group

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