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Vitrina Film/TV Production Insider [June, 2024]

What Buyers Want: The UK Film & TV Market

What Buyers Want : Inside Cannes 2024

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AI-Generated Animation: New Platform from Fable Studio’s The Simulation

Production Incentives: Government Initiatives Empowering India’s Film Landscape

Explore the Future of Multi-lingual Content with Papercup’s Abhirukt Sapru

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Standards, AI, and Audience Engagement: Insights from the President of SMPTE

Prime Focus Technologies’ Exemplary AI-Enhanced Entertainment Supply Chain

Kids’ Content Success: Powerful Strategies for Cross-Border Collaboration in Animation

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BBC Commercial Announces Strong Performance and Record Investments in Strategic Areas

Netflix’s Dubbing Immersion: Breaking Barriers in the Audiovisual Industry

VFX Talent Hotspots: Mapping the World’s VFX Talent Distribution

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Excellence in Media Localization: Gobavo’s Premier Dubbing and Localization Services

Triggerfish Animation Unveils Next-Gen Pipeline to Boost Creative Freedom

Talent Synergy: Actors and AI Unite for Authentic Dubbing

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Global Film & TV Production Snapshot: Last 18 Months

Vitrina’s Xplorer Chart Insights 2024: Prime Video’s Strategic Emphasis on English, Hindi, and Spanish as Key Content Languages

Prime Video Genre Mix on Vitrina Xplorer Chart

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Symbiosys Entertainment, a full-service VFX and Animation studio, based in India.

Top VFX Studio Offering Expert Roto, Paint, Tracking, and Compositing Services

Seeking Buyers for Feature Film International Rights [BITTER RAIN]

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Globo and Vitrina Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Lead Generation and Strategic Partnerships

How Vitrina Users from Companies like GoogleTV sharpen their strategic decision-making on global expansions

Industry Leaders Convene for Visionary Panel on AI and Global Business Strategies at MIPTV in Cannes

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Mile Studios – is now a Vitrina Featured Company!

Black Photon – is now a Vitrina Featured Company!

Dada! Animation – is now a Vitrina Featured Company!

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Netflix Q2 Record Revenue, DNEG Acquires PFT, Fremantle Invests in AMANT, Banijay-BBC-All3Media Deal, and Amazon MGM Studios’ Feature Film

$200M DNEG Deal, Disney Merger, BBC invests in Japanese, Globo-ViX Partnership, CAA Hollywood Financing Hunt, Tubi UK Launch & More

Netflix Houses, Amazon & Banijay’s Live-Action Series, Fremantle-Pluto FAST Partnership, Sony Expands in UAE & More!”