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Tania Production – Crafting Authentic Dubbing Experiences

Crafting Authentic Experiences with Tania Production: Dubbing to Arabic and Beyond with Cultural Sensitivity

Greetings Vitrina Community,

Founded in 1992, Tania Production is a regional leader in content localization with pre-production, production, and post-production services, specializing in dubbing in multiple languages with a focus on the Arabic language.

The Evolution of Tania Production

The company was founded in 1992 in Beirut, beginning its journey to success by dubbing Ninja Turtles into Classical Arabic. In 2003, we achieved a hit project in the MENA region by acquiring distribution rights to Budgie The Little Helicopter and dubbing it into Classical Arabic for distribution to over 5 TV channels. By 2010, we expanded globally, partnering with studios to meet evolving client needs beyond Arabic. Today, we are a pioneer in localization, having completed over 1,000 projects with over 100,000 hours dubbed across 10 in-house dubbing studios.

Tania Production
  • From and to any language, with a focus on dubbing to the Arabic language.
  • Dialects: Classical, Syrian, Egyptian, among others.
  • Accurate script translation and cultural adaptation
  • Hand-picked talents, harmonizing with the original voices
  • Seamless lip-synchs and voice-overs
  • Exceptional mixing creating a product with the same feel as the original content
Tania Production
  • From and to any language.
  • Extensive pool of linguistic and literary translators
  • Capture culture nuances and translate the speech in your audience’s language
  • Rigorous review and validation by an extensive network of professionals and editors
Tania Production
  • Database setup on a project basis to tailor translation to client requirements and context
  • Quality control with a thorough process in place
  • Translation of standard written documents and PowerPoint presentations including business language translation



  • 8 linear and non-linear editing and mixing suites
  • 10 dubbing studios
  • Specialized departments for script auditing and various audio/video services

Global Footprint

  • Strategic partnerships with state-of-the-art studios around the world
  • Main languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Turkish, Farsi, among others.


Your one-stop destination for unparalleled localization

  • Extensive pool of voice talents
  • Versatile voice quality
  • M&E creation
  • Innovative approach to solving challenges
  • Fast implementation of revision requests and corrections


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