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Since 2001, DLE has been at the forefront of creativity, bringing enchanting narratives and lovable personalities to audiences worldwide.

About DLE:

At DLE, we believe in connecting people with dreams. From endearing piglets on a quest for stylish pants to a group of comically inept villains with aspirations of world domination, our portfolio spans a diverse range of content that resonates with audiences of all ages.

DLE Japan Short Animation

Short Animation

Calling all IP Owners and Investors!

From sleek intros to playful transitions, let your vision shine through with our custom animation production services.

DLE Japan
DLE Japan Animation

Co-investment & Production

Bring Your Game to Life

Transform your gaming IP into visually stunning animations that captivate players and immerse them in your world.

DLE Japan


Turn your novels into vibrant webtoons that breathe new life into your storytelling, captivating readers with every panel.

Comic & Manga Magic: Amplify the excitement of your comic or manga IP with animated adaptations that leap off the page and onto the screen.


Independent Creators & Directors

Frogman, an exclusive creator at DLE, is renowned for his innovative animation style blending humor with social commentary.

Sorotani, also an exclusive creator at DLE, is celebrated for his exceptional storytelling and artistic vision, showcasing his versatility and talent as a director and animator.

DLE Webtoon


From script to storyboard, our expert team handles every detail, ensuring your vision shines through in every frame.

Let’s bring your IP to life!

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Japan’s latest initiative: A comprehensive overview of the new Film Tax Credit Program.

Program Name Japan’s Film Tax Credit Program
Purpose Attracting international film, TV, and streaming projects to Japan
Funding Up to 50% of qualifying expenditures, capped at $6.8 million (JPY1BN)
Eligibility Criteria – Direct production costs in Japan exceed $3.38 million (JPY500M) or total costs exceed $6.8 million (JPY1BN), with direct production costs in Japan over $1.35 million (JPY200M)
– Projects scheduled for release in over ten countries
Qualifying Criteria – Vitalize domestic film industry through employment
– Promote filming locations
– Showcase Japan and its culture globally
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