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How Globo TV mastered content acquisition through strategic partnership with Vitrina

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In the competitive landscape of streaming and broadcast, sourcing the right international content is crucial for staying ahead. Globo TV Network faced the challenge of diversifying its content portfolio to compete with giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime in Brazil. This case study delves into how Vitrina’s comprehensive marketplace and AI-driven insights empowered Globo’s acquisition strategy.

Content Acquisition Challenges faced by Globo

Globo’s acquisition team was tasked with sourcing international content to enrich their offerings but faced several obstacles:

  • Limited access to a wide range of international content, including niche genres like Turkish dramas and Japanese anime
  • The inefficiency of traditional content sourcing methods, which were time-consuming and often required expensive international travel
  • Lack of detailed market intelligence on what content competitors were acquiring and what was trending globally.
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Solutions provided by Vitrina

Vitrina provided a multi-faceted solution to streamline Globo’s content acquisition process:

  • Offering a curated list of international content and top distributors, tailored to Globo’s specific needs and preferences.
  • Facilitating connections with distributors, thus simplifying the buyer journey and expanding Globo’s international content portfolio.
  • Leveraging the Vitrina HelpDesk feature to provide personalized assistance, supplying Globo with a refined list of distributors and content to consider.
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The partnership with Vitrina enabled Globo to significantly enhance its content acquisition process, securing a diverse range of international content efficiently and effectively.


The strategic use of Vitrina’s services yielded profound benefits for Globo, including:

  • Time and effort savings by avoiding traditional, labor-intensive sourcing methods
  • Access to a broader array of international content, enabling Globo to compete more effectively with major streaming platforms
  • Improved decision-making through access to curated market intelligence and trends
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