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How SBT Brazil Streamlined Acquiring International Content with Vitrina’s Custom Solutions

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SBT Brazil took a bold step to enhance its content library, curating a collection of internationally acclaimed series and films that viewers are eager to see.


The television landscape is evolving and even an established organization like SBT Brazil, a leader in both Portuguese broadcasting and streaming needed to adapt. SBT faced competition from global giants so it decided to diversify its content offerings. SBT wanted to acquire top-tier international content to engage its audiences with fresh and interesting stories from around the globe.


Adding international content presented several challenges for SBT Brazil:

Finding the right type of content

Doing the research and discovering the right international shows and movies is not easy. They needed to find titles, genres, and languages that would truly click with their diverse audience.

Sourcing the desired content

SBT had to navigate through a thick network of distributors, sales agents, and regional companies that had their own rules and procedures. Buying content from new countries like South Korea, Turkey, Japan, and Brazil can be difficult if you haven’t explored those markets before.

Acquiring the rights

Securing the rights to broadcast these shows in Brazil proved to be difficult for SBT. They had to ensure the availability of rights for specific territories, which often involved long and complex negotiations and unforeseen problems.

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Seeking to revitalize their content library, SBT Brazil turned to Vitrina’s team of experts. We deployed a suite of AI-powered solutions, tailored to address SBT’s specific challenges. Here’s how we tackled SBT Brazil’s unique challenges:

Strategic Insights

Vitrina’s experts analyzed leading platforms like Netflix and Prime Video, identifying high-performing languages and genres to guide SBT’s content selection.

Content Curation Expertise

Vitrina’s “Wisdom of Content Curators” feature provided crucial audience demand signals for popular titles, ensuring SBT acquired content that would resonate with viewers.

Effortless Distributor Discovery

Vitrina’s extensive distributor catalogs and AI-powered ranking system streamlined finding the right partners for SBT, eliminating manual searches and ensuring access to the best local content.

Streamlined Rights Acquisition

Vitrina’s Avails Intel offered critical insights into content transactions and availability, saving time, and resources, and simplifying the complex rights acquisition process.

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With Vitrina’s custom solutions, SBT Brazil successfully:

  • Licensed sought-after titles across priority languages
  • Partnered with top distributors
  • Streamlined the process, matching licensing needs with available rights
  • Delivered fresh content to audiences with speed, efficiency, and precision


Vitrina’s partnership with SBT Brazil set a new industry benchmark for acquiring international content. The results were transformative:

  • Enhanced Content Library: A richer, more diverse content library significantly increased viewer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Competitive Edge: The ability to adapt to market demands positions SBT Brazil as a strong global competitor.
  • Operational Efficiency: The streamlined process led to time and cost savings, allowing SBT to focus on delivering exceptional content.

The Vitrina Advantage

With Vitrina, you can eliminate the need for expensive travel, cumbersome Excel sheets, bulky content brochures, and exhaustive long-distance calls. 

Our platform makes finding international content easy and fast similar to an online shopping experience. You can search our vast libraries by genre, language, and more! We connect you directly with distributors, so you can acquire exactly what you need. The platform also shows you which content is popular and available in different countries to help you make informed decisions.

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