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[California, USA 25 January 2024]

Every edition, we bring you trends on content demand trends within our industry. Vitrina tracks transactions across IP-Development, Production, Distribution, Acquisition and Collaborations from 60+ markets. This gives us the best global scan and understanding of what contents hot and what’s not.

In this edition, besides our usual fare of latest Production Financing, Distribution and Acquisition trends, we have an additional attraction – Content from India!

Recently India has incentivised filming in India even further. The government now provides 40% tax-credit, up from the earlier 30% announced last year. The maximum reimbursement limit has also been increased nearly 10 times from 300,000 USD to $3.5M USD. Additionally, one could also get a 5% bonus tax credit for substantial Indian content.

Investing in India’s entertainment and media industry presents an enticing prospect for global investors. The nation’s extensive and diverse audience, coupled with a rapidly evolving tech landscape and the surge in popularity of streaming services, promises significant returns. However, navigating this market demands a nuanced understanding of both its opportunities and challenges. Staying attuned to the latest trends and adopting strategic approaches like content localization and partnerships are crucial for success. As India maintains its global leadership in entertainment production and consumption, there’s substantial scope for foreign direct investment and business expansion. The fusion of India’s cultural richness with digital advancements creates a distinctive and promising environment, offering investors a chance to thrive and contribute to the global diversification of the industry.

India Special

WEBINAR: Content Acquisition Strategies - India In Focus

Join us for a live session on tracking global production, distribution and acquisition deals from India. Get to know strategies employed by acquisition execs to license some of the best Indian content.

India Special
Producer/Distributor: AP International, India
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Founded in 1958, AP International is a pioneer in South Indian film entertainment. One of the oldest film studios in southern India, AP International Group has been involved in film financing, acquisition, distribution, and handling of over 1000 films since its inception. It has evolved into a major player in Tamil and Malayalam film acquisition, co-production, and distribution across theatres, TV, and streaming formats. Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video consistently engage in title acquisitions from AP International group. Strategic alliances with key partners like AP International prove instrumental for international entities seeking to penetrate the vast, untapped potential of the expansive Indian audience landscape.

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Acquisition teams, aiming to secure licensing rights for titles from India gain insights and strategic support from Avails Helpdesk at Vitrina. Our professional team can assist you in securing rights for your markets.

India Special
Production House: Friday Filmworks, India
Friday Filmworks

Similar tax-credits in India are also extended to Animation, Postproduction and Visual Effects services and for Official Coproductions with foreign countries.

But with so many production houses and post-production service providers in India, finding the right partners can be a headache. Using Vitrina, you can easily find reputed partner vendors without having to leave your desk and start talking about potential collaborations. Reach out to Vitrina’s Vendor Helpdesk for support. We’re happy to help you shortlist the right companies and make the necessary connections.

Take a look at Friday Filmworks, for example.  One glance at the production studio’s catalog reveals established partnerships with big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Discovery+, and Disney+ Hotstar. The studio has a track record of consistently producing commercially successful projects that have popularity not just within India, but globally.

Production Catalog : Friday Filmworks, India
Friday Filmworks
India Special
Featured Dealmakers for Indian Content

Who are the most influential dealmakers in the industry for Indian content?

Vitrina tracks deals, transactions and catalogs across Content IP, Development, Production, Acquisitions and Collaborations. We follow the activities of influential dealmakers across genres, countries, and companies. Understanding key distributors of Indian content is valuable. However, identifying influential dealmakers brings you closer to finalizing deals. Check out top dealmakers picked up by our system. Click on link to know the others

monika shergil

Monika Shergill

ekta kapoor

Ekta Kapoor

Balaji Telefilms
Bushan Kumar

Bhushan Kumar

sameer nair

Sameer Nair

Applause Entertainment
manish kalra

Manish Kalra

Zee 5
neeraj pandey 1

Neeraj Pandey

Friday Filmworks
India Special
Most Popular Indian Languages

India is a land of many languages. By some estimates it is more than a 100 languages.  Amongst those languages, a few of them clearly stand out as the most popular ones within the Indian entertainment ecosystem. Click on the link to find more. Here is a report  for content in other Indian languages.

Screenshot 2024 01 25 at 09.51.12 1
India Special
Most Distributed Indian Content (Released in last 7 years)

Which Indian titles have been popular with streamers and broadcasters? Click on the link to see the full list



Movie | 2022 | 3h 5m | PG-13
Telugu – Action, Drama
Country of origin: India
Also known as: రౌద్రం రణం రుధిరం

All that breathes

All That Breathes

Movie | 2022 | 1h 37m
Hindi – Documentary,Drama
Country of origin: India, United Kingdom, United States of America


K.G.F: Chapter 1

Movie | 2018 | 2h 36m | PG-13
Kannada – Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Country of origin: India
Also known as: ಕೆಜಿಎಫ್ ಅಧ್ಯಾಯ ೧

Worldwide Reach – 40 Platforms
(Platforms including Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5 and more)

Worldwide Reach – 39 Platforms
(Platforms including HBO, Max, NOW and more)

Worldwide Reach – 37 Platforms
(Platforms including Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, Hulu, and more)

India Special
Most Active Distributors of Indian Content (last 2 years)

Every year, many Indian titles get licensed, and some companies stand out in this field. Vitrina keeps an eye on these deals as they happen. This way, you can connect with the best in the business to get new Indian titles. For producers of Indian content, it’s important to know about these companies.

India Special
Top Production Companies in India

Who are the largest producers in India? From our daily monitoring of content production deals, we are able to create lists of the largest buyers for every genre and language.

India Special
Recently Trending Indian Titles

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable titles from India being acquired globally.

India Special
Recently Acquired Indian Titles
Indian 2 Movie

Indian 2

Tamil – Action, Drama, Thriller
Post Production
Country of origin: India
Also known as: இந்தியன் 2

Netflix signed an acquisition deal with Lyca Productions for Indian 2 for India

Devil movie


Movie | 2023 | 2h 24m
Telugu – Action, History, Thriller, Mystery
Country of origin: India
Also known as: డెవిల్

Prime Video signed an acquisition deal with Abhishek Nama Pictures for Devil

Animal movie


Movie | 2023 | 3h 21m
Hindi – Action, Crime, Drama
Country of origin: India, United States of America

Netflix signed an acquisition deal with Cine1 Studios, Bhadrakali Pictures and T-Series for Animal

India Special
New Indian Titles being Produced
India Special

WEBINAR: Content Acquisition Strategies - India In Focus

Join us for a live session on tracking global production, distribution and acquisition deals from India. Get to know strategies employed by acquisition execs to license some of the best Indian content.

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India Special

WEBINAR: Content Acquisition Strategies - India In Focus

Join us for a live session on tracking global production, distribution and acquisition deals from India. Get to know strategies employed by acquisition execs to license some of the best Indian content.

WEBINAR: Content Acquisition Strategies - India In Focus

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