Simplifying Content Acquisition in the OTT Industry with Vitrina

Content Acquisition in the OTT Industry

The rapid growth of OTT platforms has significantly increased the volume of content being created, distributed, and acquired globally. With thousands of emails pouring into the inboxes of content acquisition executives each week, the process of selecting and evaluating content proposals has become increasingly time-consuming and inefficient.

Vitrina aims to address this problem by offering a more streamlined approach to content and vendor-partner selections in the media and entertainment industry.

The challenge: Too many emails flooding the inbox

Content acquisition leaders and global content buyers like HBO often receive over 1,000 emails per week from content distribution companies, production houses, sales agents, and IP-development firms. These lengthy emails usually contain multiple attachments and links, making it nearly impossible for executives to thoroughly review each proposal. The overwhelming number of emails also results in valuable proposals being buried deep in the inbox, with no easy way to retrieve them later.

The Elephant in the Room: Trust, Relevance & Timing of Sellers

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the difficulty in evaluating the legitimacy, reputation, and specialization of new or unknown content providers. With an ever-increasing number of international companies, production houses, and distributors entering the market, content acquisition leaders must navigate a landscape filled with noise and uncertainty.

With a vast array of content being produced and available for acquisition, content buyers and acquisition heads need to continuously monitor and identify high-quality and relevant content for their target audiences. The world of content acquisition is plagued by an overwhelming amount of information, making it difficult for content buyers to keep up with the trends or differentiate genuine sellers from the rest. 

“The overwhelming volume of incoming content proposals is impacting our executive productivity negatively. It’s simply unfeasible to meticulously read through every extensive proposal that lands in our inboxes. The expectation to open every link and attachment? That’s not just unrealistic—it’s impractical.”

— Global Content Acquisition Leader, HBO

One of the bigger challenges faced by content buyers is the issue of timing.

Timing plays a crucial role in the content acquisition process — it is indeed complex and extends beyond the traditional constraints of content discovery, competition, and release strategies. 

The requirement of content, at any point in time, is often complicated by the need to align with key industry events, such as trade shows like MIPCOM, NAB, or DISCOP, and the limitations of traditional modes of communication. 

Trade shows, while valuable for discovery and networking, usually never align with the requirements of content buyers. If a buyer needs a particular piece of content in April, waiting for MIPCOM (which is scheduled in October) is not a feasible option. This lack of on-demand accessibility to distributors and their content can turn trade shows from potential opportunities into missed ones.

Another challenge: Traditional and static modes of communication

The issue is further complicated by the practical challenges of managing information exchanged during these events and shows. Usually, sellers share their information via brochures and emails, which can be misplaced or lost in the shuffle of a busy trade show. 

This ends up becoming cumbersome during urgent situations when a content buyer needs to reconnect with a vendor they met at a trade show. The lack of a reliable, centralized system for managing and retrieving this information can lead to delays, frustration, and potentially lost opportunities. 

Additionally, relying on physical brochures as a means of communication between vendors and customers presents limitations. Once a brochure is handed over, it becomes static and cannot be updated with new information, making it challenging for buyers to stay updated with the latest offerings from potential vendors.

The industry needs a more flexible, on-demand solution that allows content buyers to stay on top of the trends and connect with vendors and explore their offerings whenever a need arises, instead of waiting for annual or biannual events.

The Role of Vitrina: Revolutionizing Content Acquisition

Vitrina provides a centralized platform where buyers can discover, evaluate, and connect with content providers throughout the year while eliminating the reliance on trade shows as the sole source of vendor discovery. 

With Vitrina, buyers can access a comprehensive database of reputable sellers, explore their offerings, and initiate conversations at any time, ensuring that important client requirements are met without unnecessary delays or missed opportunities. 

Furthermore, content buyers can discover and compare multiple companies simultaneously and assess their reputation based on network strength, size, credentials, and body of work. 

Trusted by Global Industry Leaders

Vitrina works closely with business leaders in content acquisition, sourcing, and procurement at top-tier companies such as Warner Bros. Discovery, Netflix, Globo, Banijay Endemol-Shine, GoogleTV, and more to develop a more efficient and effective approach for global content and service partner selections. By leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, Vitrina can help filter through the noise and identify valuable content and partnership opportunities.

Be a part of the Vitrina AI revolution and help shape the future of content acquisition. 

If you or your team are interested in contributing to this groundbreaking initiative, don’t hesitate to reach out and join the conversation with Vitrina.


As the media and entertainment industry continues to evolve, the need for more efficient content acquisition processes becomes paramount. Vitrina offers a promising solution to help industry leaders navigate the vast landscape of content proposals, ensuring that valuable opportunities don’t get lost in the shuffle.

The challenges posed by timing in the content acquisition process, including the limitations of trade shows and physical brochures, underscore the importance of embracing a platform like Vitrina. By addressing these issues, Vitrina empowers content buyers to make informed decisions, establish timely connections, and stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving landscape of media and entertainment.

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