What Buyers want: Latest Acquisition and Distribution Landscape – TV Series

TV Series acquisition and distribution

What Buyers want: Latest Acquisition and Distribution Landscape – TV Series

What Buyers want: Latest Acquisition and Distribution Landscape – TV Series

In this edition, we showcase the current trends in the entertainment industry, focusing on TV series. For Films, head over to the previous edition to check out similar trends for films We delve into recent deals for acquiring and distributing HETV shows.

Mapping Demand in Distribution and Acquisition of TV series

In this edition, we showcase the current trends in the entertainment industry, focusing on TV series. For Films, head over to the previous edition to check out similar trends for films We delve into recent deals for acquiring and distributing HETV shows. It’s clear that buyers are seeking more Drama, Animation and Comedy titles. Distributors are meeting this demand by increasing their supply of TV Series in these genres. Take a glance at the charts provided for more insight. We also highlight recently acquired TV Series worldwide and those anticipated to be picked up by networks internationally.

What Buyers Want

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What Buyers Want
Content Demand: Latest Acquisitions

Who constitutes the buyers? Buyers are streaming networks and broadcasters engaged in the acquisition or licensing of content. Within this article, you can look at recent buyer list for feature length titles. This compilation offers valuable insights into the content resonating with networks as they strategically align audience preferences with their content strategies.

Here’s a quick look at acquisition trends for TV Series from different parts of the world. These are some of the latest titles being acquired worldwide by streaming networks and broadcasters. Here’s the full list of recent acquisitions by buyers

What Buyers Want
Demand – Recent TV Series Acquisitions

Here’s a list of TV series acquisitions by networks in the last few days. Click on the buyers list to track demand signals for TV Series. We look at some notable deals in the last 6 months – November 2023 to April 2024

Screenshot 2024 05 03 at 14.03.47
Jana Marked For Life

During an investigation into the murder of a high-ranking official at the Swedish Migration Agency, the main suspect is also found dead, and Jana immediately recognizes something on his scarred body.

End of Summer

On a summer’s evening in 1984, a five-year-old boy vanishes in rural southern Sweden. The police investigation fails to find the truth, leaving behind rumors, suspicion, and a grieving family. Twenty years later, the boy’s older sister Vera is leading a group therapy session in Stockholm,

Silly Animals

Get ready for some hilarious creature fails, as Gary the vlogging Dog (Alan Carr) and his buddy Rat show you the real, silly side of nature.


Moley is a charming, optimistic young mole who lives deep in a burrow under Windsor Castle, in the hustling, bustling city of MoleTown.

Screenshot 2024 05 02 at 12.55.02

The ambitious Máxima Zorreguieta leaves Buenos Aires for Downtown Manhattan, where she quickly builds a glittering career on Wall Street. Her parents did everything they could to prepare Máxima for a life in the highest circles


Kafka’s strained relationship with domineering father and intriguing affairs with Bauer, Jesenská and Diamant explored, along with meaningful camaraderie with Brod.

The Killing Kind 1

Barrister Ingrid Lewis defends John Webster against stalking charges, only for Webster to turn on her.

The Head

In an isolated and inaccessible Antarctic research station in which winter has fallen on the South Pole and the sun will soon disappear for the next six months, a small team, known as the Winterers, remain at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station


Being separated, suffering from diabetes and living with a friend at 48 is not the best way to age… and even less so for someone who doesn’t want to.

The Night Manager

Former British soldier Jonathan Pine navigates the shadowy recesses of Whitehall and Washington where an unholy alliance operates between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade

Davos 1917 1

More determined than ever to live her life in accordance with her deepest desires, nurse Johanna Gabathuler finds herself embroiled in a spy conspiracy with international implications


A train flies off the tracks in a small town, sparking an explosion and a disastrous fire. Accident investigator Marita Kaila arrives on the scene. She leads a team of experts whose job is to find out what happened and why.


In a close-knit Georgia community, a family-owned wrestling promotion finds two brothers and rivals war over their late father’s legacy. In the ring, somebody must play the good guy and


In the not-so-distant future, Goha City is governed by its largest corporation, ‘Goha Corp’, everything from schooling, to Dueling rules, to much of daily life. Yuga is a fifth-grader who attends Goha 7th Elementary and develops inventions every day that he calls ‘Roads’


Cacau is an engaging saga of family secrets, clandestine loves and sacrifices, all sweetened by the irresistible taste of chocolate and the magic of cocoa plantations.

Barbie A touch of magic

Enchanting adventures await when Malibu Barbie and Brooklyn Barbie meet a horse with magical powers — and she needs their help with a mysterious mission!

Mary George

In 17th century England, Mary Villiers molds her beautiful son, George, to seduce King James I, intending to gain riches and influence through outrageous schemes.

A Gentleman in Moscow

Count Alexander Rostov finds himself going from riches to rags following the Russian revolution. A Soviet tribunal banishes him to the attic room of an opulent hotel, where, oblivious to the world outside

The Left Handed Son

Follows the intense mother-son relationship.

The King of Queens

Life’s good for deliveryman Doug Heffernan, until his newly widowed father-in-law, Arthur, moves in with him and his wife Carrie. Doug is no longer the king of his domain, and instead

Hotel Cocaine

The story of Roman Compte, a Cuban expatriate who fought against Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs invasion and re-made his life in Miami, and is now the general manager of the Mutiny Hotel

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What Sellers Have
Content Supply: Latest Avails

Who constitutes sellers? Sellers are distribution companies or production houses looking for streaming of broadcasting networks interesting in buying rights for their tv series. Within this article, you can look at recent seller list (avails) for TV series. This compilation offers valuable insights into the supply of content available for licensing. Acquisition teams use seller lists to track down distributors for titles they are interested in.

Here’s a quick look at what distributors are looking to license. These trends are for TV Series from different parts of the world. Become a part of Vitrina Business Network and get in touch with sellers to secure rights for your territory. Here’s the full list of recent titles available to buyers

Screenshot 2024 05 03 at 14.04.20

The Republic of Korea is overturned by 2 trillion-won divorce scandal of a chaebol caused by one ordinary woman. It is about getting into the truth of the scandal and the top 1% rich couple who made it

Z Nation

Three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood.

Flower of Evil

Hiding a twisted past, a man maintains his facade as the perfect husband to his detective wife — until she begins investigating a series of murders.

Glow Up Britains Next Make Up Star

A talented cast of aspiring makeup artists live and work together as they attempt to prove their potential to industry professionals from a multitude of worlds from fashion to film


Shakespeare’s darkest tragedy in a modern retelling of family betrayal and horse carriages. Based on a true story, light is shed on the incredible, absurd, striking realities of life and Turkey

Corner Gas The Movie

It’s been a few years, and there’s still not a lot going on 40 kilometers from nowhere. But that’s all about to change as the fine folks of Dog River, Saskatchewan face their biggest crisis ever

Screenshot 2024 05 03 at 13.29.11

Caledonian Road is a Dickensian tale of the rise and fall of Campbell Flynn, an art historian and celebrity intellectual, told against the backdrop of modern-day Britain and the deep-set corruption at the heart of the ruling class.

El Mal

Detectives as they race against time to identify a serial killer targeting the homeless, society’s most vulnerable.

Deep Blue Horizons Exploring the Seas with Diego Bunuel

Half presenter, half explorer, Diego Buñuel takes us all around the world to meet the fauna, the flora and the people who live thanks to and with the sea. During these expeditions, we will become


Dumbsday is a comedy-drama which plays with the conventions of post-apocalyptic TV series. The world has gone to hell in every possible way – and only seven people have survived


A man receives a death message that leads him on a quest to prevent his future murder and protect those closest to him from the same fate.


A group of men and women, each burdened with a dark secret, look for love in this dating show with a twist. Hosted by reformed playboy Atsushi Tamura.

Ramses The Great King of Ancient Egypt

Featuring cutting-edge science and unique access to the latest archaeological discoveries, Ramses The Great: King of Ancient Egypt, exposes the man behind the myth. And reveals

Silly Sundays

Join Hugo, Sonia and Mel on their ‘Silly Sundays’, when school and work are out for the week, and a day of unforgettable family fun lies ahead!

Simeone. Living Match by Match

Diego Pablo Simeone has created a unique way of understanding soccer. The cholismo is so much more than a game strategy. It is a range of values, tools, and hard work that our protagonist


The series tells the story of marmots Yaya, Mo and Pic, who are about to experience their first hibernation but first must find an elusive fox in a snowy winter wonderland.

Totally Spies

Totally Spies! depicts three girlfriends ‘with an attitude’ who have to cope with their daily lives at high school as well as the unpredictable pressures of international espionage


Paramount+ and France Télévisions have confirmed their pact on upcoming, working-titled series Zorro starring Oscar-winning actor Jean Dujardin as the iconic masked vigilante.

NCIS Sydney

When the terrible demon Jaldabaoth takes to the field as the head of a united army of monstrous tribes, the Sacred Kingdom’s leaders know their defenses are not readyThe brilliant and eclectic team of U.S

Forensic Files 2

Forensic experts and investigators piece together strange clues and microscopic evidence to solve the most puzzling criminal cases… proving there is no such thing as a perfect crime.


A prosperous businessman used to getting his way with women to boost his ego. He receives his comeuppance when he wakes one morning in the body of a woman. Desperate to

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