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How Australia’s leading media company expanded its localization vendors network

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A leading media company in Australia recognized the need to broaden its network of localization vendors to enhance its content’s accessibility and appeal across diverse markets. The company partnered with Vitrina to successfully identify and collaborate with top AI-enabled localization service providers worldwide.


The primary challenge faced by the Australian media company was manually sifting through tons of companies offering fancy dubbing and subtitling services in various countries. Every company claims that they are best at what they do so it becomes increasingly impossible to judge their credibility. 

The biggest hurdle was sorting through thousands of companies globally to pinpoint 40-50 vendors offering AI-driven localization services that would match the company’s tech needs, project scope, and budget.

Finding the right partners for AI-powered localization can be overwhelming. The media company needed to streamline the process to evaluate potential vendors across various metrics, including technology integration, company size that could handle their projects and budget fit. The key was finding various options and then carefully evaluating each based on their tech, team size, and pricing models.


Vitrina’s PartnerFinder platform emerged as the solution to these challenges. Vitrina helped the media company cast a wide net, finding a diverse pool of potential partners. This involved conducting in-depth assessments and asking questions to ensure each company could deliver high-quality translations that resonated with the target audiences. 

The PartnerFinder platform facilitated a simplified three-step process:

1. Discovering the options

Vitrina’s AI scoured the globe, identifying 50+ dubbing and subtitling companies across 19 countries, all actively leveraging AI. This gave the media company an overview of available options.

2. Asking the right questions

Our Experts at the Vendor Helpdesk created a customized Request for Information (RFI) to dive deep and understand each vendor’s unique business model and level of AI integration. This process aims to find the right localization vendors who best align with our company’s specific needs.

3. Matching needs with expertise

Vitrina simplified the process by using a comparison matrix to assess shortlisted vendors to ensure they fit perfectly with the requirements of the media company. 


In just two weeks, the Australian media company efficiently evaluated over 40 reputable localization service providers, saving significant time and effort. This curated selection process ensured that the chosen vendors met the company’s rigorous standards for quality and innovation in localization services.

Vitrina’s PartnerFinder platform also provided a platform for localization service providers to showcase their offerings, benefitting from exposure to new business opportunities and gaining visibility among potential customers worldwide. 

Some vendors showcased brand-new offerings that had not been discovered, allowing them to build their reputation among a community of leading purchasing organizations and expand their reach into new markets.

The Impact

This collaboration showcases the power of AI-driven sourcing and structured evaluation. Through this ongoing partnership, Vitrina is helping the media company broaden its global reach and ensure its content stays connected with audiences across the globe. 

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