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How a large media company in Australia expanded their network for sourcing with the best localization vendors globally

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Localization Case-Study:

In just two weeks, Vitrina evaluated 40 AI-enabled localization service providers spanning 19 countries for an Australian Media Corp

How a large media company in Australia expanded their network of preferred localization vendors?


  • One of the largest media companies in Australia wanted to identify AI-enabled subtitling and dubbing vendors to execute their Localization work
  • This was a first-ever analysis of AI-enabled localization vendors.
  • Bespoke asks included revenue, size of the companies, and the use of AI.

Step 1: Identifying Potential Candidates

In navigating a complex vendor ecosystem, an Australian media company sought insights into leading AI-enabled localization companies. 

Leveraging Vitrina’s capabilities, a comprehensive profile of over 50 companies utilizing AI for dubbing and subtitling was effortlessly compiled.

Step 2: Customized Inquiry through RFI

With a focus on tailored information, the media company initiated a Request for Information (RFI) process. Queries regarding revenue models, company size, and the extent of AI integration in localization were directed to the shortlisted vendors. 

Vitrina’s PartnerFinder team swiftly engaged with these companies, gathering bespoke responses within days.

Step 3: Comparative Assessment for Final Selection

In the pursuit of a refined selection process, the Australian media group aimed to create a comparison matrix for the shortlisted vendors.

 Vitrina’s PartnerFinder group facilitated this by meticulously evaluating and comparing AI-enabled companies. This involved assessing key metrics captured by Vitrina, alongside specific insights gleaned from the vendors’ personalized responses.

localization case study

As this case study shows, Vitrina’s solution for supply-chain sourcing represents a paradigm shift in vendor selection. It creates a win-win situation for buyers, sellers, and the entire ecosystem. This transformative approach not only streamlines the sourcing process but also fosters a dynamic and collaborative marketplace, ensuring the continued success of the entertainment supply-chain industry.


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