Trending genres in media and entertainment

Trending genres in media and entertainment

Audiences have evolved to look beyond traditional genre classification. A few keywords describing the theme and content are now enough to commit to watching a show. Vitrina makes tracking these trending genres in media and entertainment easy.

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Audiences have evolved to look beyond traditional genre classification. A few keywords describing the theme and content are now enough to commit to watching a show.

Vitrina is striving to make trending genres in media and entertainment easy to find.

Comedy or drama is great, but “witty and quirky”  over “inspiring and provocative” is even better! Viewing decisions are becoming more and more specific.

In an increasingly digital world that offers almost endless choice to viewers, content providers and creators have also evolved to specialise in niche sub-genres.
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We, at Vitrina want to empower you to define and refine content discovery in the way your target audience would. 

Discover trending content using powerful search filters. Find content that is being picked up by distributors everywhere. Acquire rights to titles trending globally for a niche topic. Use keywords to track the latest content and find the best titles for your audiences.
Here’s some of the hottest content out there categorised by trending keywords.

"Coming of Age"

Coming Of Age

A "coming of age" show is centered around the themes of youth, growing up, and maturation with a strong focus on a central character arc. These shows follow a singular protagonist as they “come of age,” meaning they progress into the next stage of their life. Protagonists are typically young and facing the first major dilemma, ordeal, or awakening of their life.

"Heartfelt, Emotional, Dramedy"

Heartfelt Emotional

Dramedy - humor with dramatic, often grim, elements. Its purpose is to make fun of serious situations and explore taboo issues. Good writing and conflict give the shows dramatic tension, which is relieved by comedic moments. Some of the biggest hits over the last few years sit in this category. With strong scripts at the heart of their success, they are one of the most cost-effective investments.

"Women Centric"

Women Centric Titles

Viewer sensibilities have evolved far beyond using the female-centric feature as a gimmick. Today, more and more stories build up images of women that closely mirror reality. Sexual misconduct and violence against women have emboldened many filmmakers to tackle feminist topics and bring them to life on screen. Women-centric television dramas have proved successful, attracting millions of viewers.

"Youth, Young Adult, Teen"

Young Adult

We can define Youth genre in relatively simple terms - films in which characters aged twelve to twenty play a significant role. While there is a popular tendency to classify shows as such, "Young Adult" is more of a broader category and not a genre. Within it is every possible genre: fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, non-fiction. For many people, challenging authority and the status quo is a necessary part of growing up. Teens push against the rules of their families, schools, and cultures, as they try to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world. It is a natural part of the individuation process, but this rebelliousness isn't always received well by parents, authority figures, or cultures that demand conformity.

Witty, Quirky, Offbeat Sitcoms


Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time, especially when they are feeling blue. This explains why comedy is ranked consistently in the list of most loved genres. A bit of comedy is always welcome. But, an exceptional comedy can simultaneously take the viewer on an emotional journey, whilst still delivering the laughs.
We all love quirky. Things that break the boundary of what to expect. And so a well crafted obscure witty script that combines characters or plots one could never think of resonates really well with viewers!

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