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How Vitrina Business Network Helped Premiere Digital to Boost Visibility in the Entertainment Industry

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In the dynamic and competitive landscape of the video entertainment industry, companies constantly seek innovative ways to source content, services, infrastructure, and technological solutions on a global scale. Premiere Digital, a renowned media service provider within the industry, recognized the need to harness sophisticated market intelligence and connect more effectively with potential partners and clients. This case study explores how Vitrina, the global sourcing hub and marketplace for the video entertainment industry, empowered Premiere Digital to overcome its challenges and achieve remarkable success.

Challenges Faced by Premiere Digital

Premiere Digital encountered several challenges while trying to expand its services and reach within the global entertainment supply chain. Despite their expertise and capabilities, they struggled to identify and connect with the right companies, projects, and executives. Their process of sourcing opportunities was not as efficient or effective as it could be, leaving potential business on the table. The main challenges included:

  • Difficulty in identifying timely and relevant opportunities within the global entertainment supply chain
  • Lack of a method or platform for showcasing their services and expertise to potential partners and clients
  • Inability to access market intelligence that could guide their business decisions and strategies
Premiere digital helped boost visibility


Vitrina addressed these challenges through its platform that maps the entire global media and entertainment supply chain from end to end. The solutions provided were:

1. Global market intelligence

Vitrina’s AI technology offered Premiere Digital real-time insights into trends, funding, content acquisitions, and the movement of money within the value chain. This intelligence covered markets, genres, languages, and major dealmakers, empowering Premiere Digital to make informed decisions and identify new opportunities.

2. Company Profile

Premiere Digital capitalized on Vitrina’s vast network of over 72,000 members by setting up a company profile on the platform. This strategic move allowed them to highlight their services, expertise, and accomplishments to a targeted global audience. Vitrina essentially connected Premiere Digital with a pool of relevant partners and clients, boosting their reach.

3. Sophisticated signal capturing

Vitrina’s platform captured sophisticated signals at various stages of the production process, from IP conception to post-production. These signals indicated a demand for specific services, enabling Premiere Digital to identify and act on potential leads efficiently.

4. Thought leadership and expertise exposure

The platform also provided opportunities for Premiere Digital’s executives to share their thought leadership and discuss their services’ role within the supply chain, attracting the right type of buyers and partners.

premiere digital post production


The collaboration with Vitrina led to transformative results for Premiere Digital. They experienced:

  • Improved efficiency in identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities within the global entertainment supply chain
  • Enhanced visibility and recognition as a leader in the video entertainment industry, attracting more clients and partners
  • Access to comprehensive, real-time market intelligence that informed their strategic decisions and helped them stay ahead of industry trends


The impact of Vitrina’s solutions on Premiere Digital’s operations and success was profound. By leveraging Vitrina’s global marketplace and AI-powered insights, Premiere Digital could significantly expand its reach, improve its service offerings, and enhance its competitive edge in the market. The partnership exemplifies how digital innovation and intelligence can transform traditional business processes and drive growth in the digital era.

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