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How Globo leveraged Vitrina’s market intelligence to expand international content distribution

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Reaching global markets and finding the right buyers for content distribution is difficult in this rapidly evolving market. Globo TV Network, one of the world’s largest media houses known for its extensive production of Brazilian telenovelas and TV series, overcame these challenges by partnering with Vitrina. This case study explores how Vitrina’s global marketplace and AI-powered market intelligence revolutionized Globo’s approach to international content distribution. 

Content Distribution Challenges faced by Globo

Globo’s distribution team was struggling to expand their content’s global reach beyond their existing network. Traditional methods such as trade shows and personal networks were limited in scope, leaving a vast potential market untapped. The main challenges  included:

  • Limited visibility into potential buyers outside their immediate network, especially in countries not covered by trade shows.
  • Difficulty identifying companies actively acquiring international content and those with a specific interest in genres Globo offered.
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Vitrina addressed Globo’s challenges by leveraging its extensive supply-chain search capabilities and AI-powered market intelligence to map the global entertainment supply chain from end to end. The solutions included:

  • Providing access to a vast network of buyers in 60 countries, thus widening Globo’s geographical reach
  • Utilizing sophisticated signals to identify active buyers and their genre preferences, enabling Globo to target leads more effectively
  • Implementing API integrations to funnel these insights directly into Globo’s internal dashboards, streamlining the lead generation process


With Vitrina’s platform, Globo significantly expanded its distribution network, identifying and engaging with new buyers across the globe. The insights allowed Globo to pinpoint potential markets with high precision, leading to more successful content distribution deals.


Vitrina’s solution transformed Globo’s content distribution strategy, enabling them to:

  • Access a broader international market, increasing their content’s global footprint
  • Achieve higher efficiency in lead generation and targeting, reducing time and effort in identifying potential buyers
  • Enhance their decision-making process with real-time, data-driven insights into global content acquisition trends
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