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Industry Leaders Convene for Visionary Panel on AI and Global Business Strategies at MIPTV in Cannes

Industry Leaders

[Cannes, 9th April, 2024] – In response to the rapid evolution of the entertainment industry, top executives and leaders recently participated in an insightful panel discussion at MIPTV in Cannes, focusing on the strategic role of artificial intelligence (AI) and industry data in global business expansion within entertainment.

Google x Vitrina Panel Discussion

Moderated by Sanjay Reddy, a distinguished Venture Capitalist renowned for his expertise in tech investments, the panel featured Faz Aftab, Google TV’s leader in Europe, with extensive experience at ITV and other media giants, and Atul Phadnis, CEO of Vitrina AI. The jam-packed session provided a deep dive into AI-driven strategies and navigating industry disruptions.

Faz Aftab, reflecting on the collaboration with Vitrina, praised the platform’s capabilities, stating,


Vitrina has been instrumental in helping Google TV and other industry leaders navigate the complexities of the entertainment supply chain. By leveraging Vitrina’s insights, we can strategically address challenges highlighted in today’s dynamic and fast-changing market.”

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Atul Phadnis emphasized the importance of intel and data driven decisions within the entertainment sector, remarking,


Vitrina’s approach to tracking industry changes including new suppliers, distributors, international content and innovative companies is key to enhancing operational strategies and driving business success in this rapidly evolving landscape.”

The panel explored:

Strategic Use of AI and Data

Faz Aftab shared insights on how Google TV and other industry leaders are using AI and data, including Vitrina’s platform, to understand and navigate the entertainment supply chain for global expansion.

Industry leaders at MIPTV

Navigating Industry Disruption

The panel discussed transformative disruptions reshaping content creation, distribution, and consumption within the entertainment sector.

Future-Proofing the Entertainment Industry

Attendees gained practical advice on embracing change, leveraging technology, and adopting a data-informed approach to industry disruption.

Industry Leaders

Sanjay Reddy expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the discussion, noting,


The integration of AI and industry data is crucial for global expansion strategies in the entertainment sector. This panel delivered actionable insights and strategies to navigate the evolving market.”

The panel discussion at MIPTV equipped executives and industry leaders with a deeper understanding of AI’s pivotal role in shaping global entertainment strategies, providing actionable insights to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving market.

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