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European TV Shows

Mapping Content Demand in Europe in Production and Licensing

In each release, we aim to keep you in the loop about the ever-evolving landscape of content demand in our industry. Vitrina meticulously monitors transactions spanning IP-Development, Production, Distribution, Acquisition, and Collaborations across 60+ markets. This grants us a comprehensive global perspective, revealing what’s sizzling and what’s not in the world of content.

In this edition, alongside our customary coverage of the latest trends in production financing, distribution, and acquisitions, we’ve got an extra treat for you: European TV Shows! Let’s explore the latest trends from one of the biggest producers of new and innovative TV formats and unscripted shows.

Recent months have witnessed the rise of “Nordic Noir mysteries” produced in the backdrop of cold and dark Scandinavian landscapes. Explore innovative narratives and production prowess from UK with TV Formats such as “The Traitors”. Continue reading and stay informed, inspired, and ahead of industry trends.

European TV Shows Special

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Channel 4
Channel 4 is one of the top companies in Europe+UK and their genre selection is on our spotlight in this edition.

Channel 4 recently introduced a strategic plan named Fast Forward, spanning five years, with the objective of reshaping the organization and expediting its evolution into an agile, digitally-oriented public service streaming platform by 2030. In 2023, digital revenues constituted 27% of the total, a figure expected to rise to 30% in 2024 and surpass 50% by 2030.

The Fast Forward initiative involves reallocating investments towards content categories that propel streaming expansion, such as drama, high-end documentaries, comedy, and reality shows. A quick look at the content catalog of Channel 4 reveals why they believe this strategy is the right way to “fast forward” for the company. Specifically targeting younger audiences on platforms like YouTube, the focus is on producing a select number of impactful titles to enhance the overall viewer experience.

Channel 4: Vitrina Genre Xplorer
European TV Shows Special
High impact European TV Shows

So which high-impact European TV titles have already shown to be successful in other markets and streaming services?

European TV Shows Special
Most Distributed European TV Titles (2023)

Here are European TV titles have been chosen by platforms globally. This is one of the powerful indicators tracked by Vitrina to determine high demand and impact content. Check out these over 3,ooo European titles acquired by platforms globally

Au cœur de la Scandinavie

TV Series | 2023 | NR | 1 Season
English Documentary | Unscripted
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Also Known As: Wild Scandinavia

Worldwide Reach – 49 Platforms in 158 territories 
(Platforms including Sony Liv, SVT2, BBC 2, Hulu and more)

Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World

TV Series | 2023 | 1 Season
English Documentary | Returning Series | Unscripted
Country of origin: United Kingdom

Worldwide Reach – 44 Platforms in 164 territories
(Platforms including BBC iPlayer, PBS, NRK 1, YLE and more)


TV Series | 2023 | NR | 3 Seasons
English Animation, Family, Kids, Comedy | Returning Series | Scripted
Country of origin: United Kingdom

Worldwide Reach – 42 Platforms in 174 territories
(Platforms including Netflix, Prime Video, Pluto TV, itvx and more)

Most Distributed European TV Shows – Scandinavian Mysteries


TV Series | 2019 | TV-MA | 2 Seasons
Norwegian Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy | Scripted
Country of origin:Norway

Worldwide Reach – 48 Platforms in 178 territories 
(Platforms including SBS, HBO, Das Erste and more)

Baby Shark’s Big Show

TV Series | 2019 | TV-14 | 3 Seasons
Norwegian Crime, Drama | Returning Series | Scripted
Country of origin: Norway, United States of America

Worldwide Reach – 38 Platforms in 186 territories
(Platforms including SBS, BBC, Viaplay, YLE and more)

The Bridge

TV Series | 2011 | TV-MA | 4 Seasons
Swedish Crime, Mystery, Drama | Scripted
Country of origin: Sweden

Worldwide Reach – 37 Platforms in 134 territories
(Platforms including SBS, Netflix, Prime Video, BBC and more)

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Players highly engaged in European TV Content (last 2 years)

Every year,  rights for European TV content are acquired in several markets. There are some companies that stand out in this field. Vitrina keeps an eye on foreign language content deals as they happen. This way, you can connect with the best in the business to stay on top of licensing European TV shows for your territories. In today’s global landscape for licensing, knowing who the top players are is paramount to success.

European TV Shows Special
Exhibitors at MIPTV 2024

As we gear up for MIPTV 2024 on April 8, let’s take a look at the exhibitors planning to attend. Acquisition teams should check out their latest content slates to make informed buying decisions. Distributors, check out buyer profiles, study their content strategies for 2024 based on previous performance. Browse through deals the companies made at MIPTV 2021, MIPTV 2022 and MIPtV 2023 and be ready to pitch the right content to get the most from your visit.

European TV Shows Special
Top Dealmakers for Foreign Language Content

Who are some of the influential dealmakers in the industry for European TV content deals?

Vitrina tracks deals, transactions and catalogs across Content IP, Development, Production, Acquisitions and Collaborations. We follow the activities of influential dealmakers across genres, countries, and companies. Understanding the key players in European TV content is valuable. However, identifying influential dealmakers brings you closer to finalizing deals. Check out some of the dealmakers picked up by our system. Click on link to learn about the others

Clare Laycock

Warner Bros. Discovery EMEA

Patricia Hidalgo

BBC Children’s and Education

Anne Chérel


Maartje Horchner

All3Media International
European TV Shows Special
Recently Trending European TV Shows

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable European TV titles being acquired globally.

European TV Shows Special
Recently Acquired European TV Shows
European TV Shows Special
Latest European TV Productions (Season Renewals)

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