What Buyers Want : Spotlight On Documentaries released in 2024

Documentaries released in 2024

What Buyers Want : Spotlight On Documentaries released in 2024

What Buyers Want : Spotlight On Documentaries released in 2024

Mapping the Market for Production and Licensing of Documentaries

In this edition, we highlight current trends in the entertainment industry, especially documentaries. We tracked this year’s distribution and acquisition deals to show what networks and distributors worldwide are choosing.

What Buyers Want

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What Buyers Want
Demand – Documentary Trends in 2024

For buyers looking to acquire compelling and engaging documentaries in 2024, understanding key trends and their relevance to current events is crucial. We tracked 5 trends to focus on. These are tied to contemporary issues and interests:

1. Cultural Heritage and Historical Revelations

In a world grappling with the legacy of colonialism and the importance of cultural identity, documentaries exploring the repatriation of cultural artifacts and significant historical events resonate deeply. The ongoing debates over historical justice and cultural restitution, such as those seen in ongoing conflicts around the globe, make these stories timely and impactful.

2. Personal and Social Struggles

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok provide spaces for people to share their stories, find communities, and support each other. These platforms amplify voices and struggles that might have been unheard otherwise. With increased global awareness of social injustices, documentaries that delve into individual and communal challenges are highly relevant. These stories showcase personal quests for happiness, investigations into social injustices, and the environmental impact on livelihoods, reflecting the resilience and courage seen in today’s headlines.

3. Music and Cultural Movements

Many artists are now actively participating in the production of their documentaries, providing authentic insights and unprecedented access to their lives and creative processes. Documentaries focusing on the origins and impact of various musical genres are also proving to be particularly engaging. Narratives documenting how music has driven cultural and social movements are appealing to audiences who are eager to reconnect with live music and explore the rich history behind their favourite genres.

4. Environmental and Scientific Exploration

With increasing awareness of climate change and its effects, and as people plan summer holidays that often involve nature and wildlife, documentaries exploring natural wonders and environmental resilience are more pertinent than ever. These titles take a look at challenges posed by climate change, offering breathtaking visuals and compelling narratives about the natural world.

5. Political and Social Commentary

In a year marked by significant political upheaval and social movements, from wars to women’s rights issues globally, documentaries that tackle contemporary issues such as religious extremism, censorship, and women’s rights are gaining more traction than before. Documentaries reflecting on modern societal challenges and providing critical commentary on the pressing issues of our time resonate deeply with all demographies. Thought-provoking content provides a platform for meaningful dialogue and impactful change. Take, for example, the latest ITV documentary, Mr. Bates vs. The Post Office.

Documentaries about “War, Conflict and Political Turmoil”
D Day The Unheard Tapes

Recounts the D-Day invasion through preserved audiotapes.

How to lose a war

A fresh perspective on World War II.

AUM THe Cult at the end of the world

Examination of the Aum Shinrikyo cult and the Tokyo subway attack.


Focuses on the return of plundered artifacts to Benin.

Prosecuting Evil The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz

The story of the last surviving Nuremberg Trial prosecutor.

no other land

Destruction of the West Bank and the alliance between a Palestinian activist and an Israeli journalist.

Personal and Social Struggles

A teenager’s rumored pregnancy affects her school trip.

Black Box Diaries

A journalist’s fight for justice in a sexual assault case.


A teacher’s efforts to create an inclusive environment for her diverse students.

a new kind of wilderness

A family’s struggle with cervical cancer.

Drawing a line

An artist’s legal battles over freedom of speech.

Against the tide

Indigenous fishermen’s struggles due to environmental changes.

Praying for Armageddon

Fundamentalist Christians’ influence on US foreign policy.


A queer Russian artist’s defiance against prejudice and brutality.

bread and roses

Afghan women’s fight for rights under Taliban rule.

She rises up

Women overcoming economic and social barriers in various countries.


Stormy Daniel’s navigation through personal and professional challenges within the context of a significant political scandal.

The Fat Friend

Aubrey Gordon’s journey from blogger to author, navigating body image complexities and societal change.

Documentaries about “Music and Cultural Movements”
Disco Soundtrack of a Revolution

The rise and impact of disco music.

Fight the Power How Hip Hop Changed the World

The origins and influence of hip-hop.

MAMAMOO Where Are We Now

The history of a famous South Korean girl group.

Screenshot 2024 05 28 at 11.33.05

The journey of the band members to stardom.

Outcast Rockstar

The life of Brazilian rock star Chorão.

In Restless Dreams The music of Paul Simon

Chronicles the career and music of Paul Simon.

Let the canary sing

The life and impact of Cyndi Lauper.

Soundtrack to a Coup dEtat

Examines the political influence of musicians and historical events

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Documentaries about Human Rights and Justice
Eternal You

The use of AI to create avatars for posthumous interaction.

good cop bad cop

Detectives solving crimes committed by other police officers.

Invisible Nation

The tenure of Taiwan’s first female president.

Women’s expedition to the North Pole.

agent of happiness

One person’s quest to measure happiness

Wilfred buck

An astronaut struggles to maintain his grip on reality aboard a possibly fatally compromised mission to Saturn’s moon, Titan.

spacey unmasked

A forensic look at one of the most powerful and respected actors in the world.

Documentaries about the Environment and Animal Life
australia from above

Aerial view of Australian landscapes and human activities.

GAUCHO gaucho

A celebration of a community of Argentine cowboys and cowgirls living beyond the boundaries of the modern world.

Slumbering Concrete

Modern architecture in Croatia and regions of the former Yugoslavia distinguished by vacated and ruinous buildings from the 20th century

Whispering in the woods

Reconnect with nature in wild forests

Trilogy New Wave

Surfers seeking waves and an escape from competition.

Food Inc. 2

Reexamining our efficient yet vulnerable food system

Every Little Thing

A woman’s journey of healing through caring for hummingbirds.

Screenshot 2024 05 28 at 10.11.00

Battles among animals for resources.

Live Session: International Content Trends - Acquisition & Distribution

Live Session: International Content Trends - Acquisition & Distribution

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