Big Film Group – is now a Vitrina Featured Company!

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Their profile displays their eclectic client mix and expertise in this niche segment.

– Team Vitrina

From time-to-time, our teams recognize and appreciate top companies in the entertainment supply-chain who are doing exemplary or innovative work in their areas of specializations. Another key reason for our recognition is because these teams also have great marketing and sales leadership that ensures their latest updates are shared on their company profile on Vitrina. From latest projects, new facilities, recent customer wins, expansion plans and award wins.

In this edition, we are happy to announce Big Film Group [United Kingdom] as a Vitrina Featured Company.
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What our team loved about Big Film Group's updated profile on Vitrina

A specialist in Product & Prop placement, Big Film Group has ensured that their company profile displays their eclectic client mix and expertise in this niche segment.

Their updated badge of being an Accredited Supplier for Props underscores their extensive history of collaboration with the BBC and their wealth of experience in the field.

Accreditations & Certifications Details and Updated Clientele - Why is this important?

Vitrina AI is the world’s largest online marketplace platform for the Entertainment sector representing varied specialist vendors across a cross-section of the M&E supply-chain. 

  • Accreditations and certifications are a great way to highlight a company’s expertise and showcase the true potential of its capabilities.
  • Client details are a testimony of a company’s experience and work, and helps in buyer’s decision-making. 
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What is Vitrina Featured Company?

As the global marketplace platform for the Entertainment sector, Vitrina is used by a host of M&E professionals to find, qualify and evaluate highly specialized vendors, partners and suppliers from all around the world. We encourage the teams of these suppliers/vendors to actively maintain and update their information, achievements, projects, specializations, and clientele. The ‘Vitrina Featured’ badge is awarded to the most engaged and responsive teams, including vendors, solution-providers, and distributors, signifying their reliability to top buyers. Our team regularly reviews vendor cooperation and updates to ensure badge retention.

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