Top TV Format Buyers at MIPTV 2024

MIPTV 2024 is a goldmine for content sellers, but identifying the top TV format buyers can be daunting. This guide unveils key players to target and maximize your content’s potential.

Who are these Top TV Format Buyers at MIPTV 2024? They encompass global streaming giants, content distribution powerhouses, acquisition managers with a keen eye for undiscovered gems, regional broadcasters seeking localized content, and international production companies open to co-production ventures.

Global Streaming Giants:

  • Netflix, Hulu, Disney+: These platforms crave fresh content with international appeal. Pitch gripping dramas, heartwarming comedies, or innovative reality show concepts.

Content Distribution Powerhouses:

  • Look for companies distributing content across various media and territories. Showcase formats with broad appeal and potential for market adaptation.

Acquisition Managers with a Vision:

  • Identify decision-makers actively seeking hidden gems. Prepare a captivating pitch highlighting your format’s unique selling proposition and potential for breakout success.

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Regional Broadcasters on the Rise:

  • Don’t underestimate regional broadcasters hungry for content resonating with local audiences. Tailor your approach to showcase your format’s cultural adaptability.

Co-Production Collaborators:

  • MIPTV fosters co-production ventures. Seek international production companies for formats with co-production potential. Highlight your format’s global elements and openness to collaboration.

Beyond the Major Players:

While these categories encompass key format buyers, MIPTV attracts a diverse range of international partners. Here are some specific broadcasters and distributors to consider:

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Regional Powerhouses:

  • FOXTEL (Australia): Seeks scripted dramas and factual unscripted formats.
  • NINE NETWORK AUSTRALIA: Focuses on scripted dramas and factual unscripted formats.

European Players:

  • A1 TELEKOM AUSTRIA AG (Austria): Interested in children’s, drama (scripted), and factual documentary formats.
  • CANAL+ AUSTRIA GMBH (Austria): Similar format interests to A1 TELEKOM AUSTRIA AG.

Beyond Europe:

  • BE TV S.A. (Belgium): Focuses on scripted dramas and factual documentaries.
  • DPG MEDIA NV (Belgium): Interested in children’s, drama (scripted), and factual unscripted content.
  • GLOBO COMUNICACAO E PARTICIPACAO (Brazil): Seeks dramas (scripted), factual content, and children’s formats.

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North American Focus:

  • BELL MEDIA (Canada): Interested in children’s, drama (scripted), and factual unscripted content.

Looking East:

  • ALIBABA-YOUKU (China): Focuses on acquiring scripted dramas with global appeal.

French Flair:

  • TF1 (France): Seeks both unscripted formats and scripted dramas.

Remember, this is just a starting point. Research potential partners and tailor your approach to their specific content needs to increase your chances of securing a lucrative deal and propelling your format onto the global stage.

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In addition to identifying key Top TV Format Buyers at MIPTV 2024, consider attending relevant conferences, networking events, and receptions specifically designed to connect you with potential partners. Prepare high-quality marketing materials showcasing your format and develop a clear, concise pitch highlighting its unique selling points and international appeal.
By implementing these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the vast MIPTV landscape and connect with the top TV format buyers for your content.

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