Top Unscripted TV Formats travelling globally

Top Unscripted TV Formats travelling globally

Check out top 50 unscripted TV Formats that are being picked up for international versions from august 2022 to November 2022

Top unscripted TV formats - Successful travelling formats

Today’s premium, multiplatform products need planning from the start. You can’t come up with a show concept and then consider how many applications you can attach it to.
Viewers must stay interested. A prime-time slot is an excellent starting point but what else should we consider? A live daily ticker, an always-available online version, a game or interactive app? Or perhaps all of the above?
But first, you must understand the market’s requirements. Your show must generate a lot of interest. This is critical if you want shows to perform well both at home and abroad. On Vitrina, it’s easy to find the newest content that’s making its way around the world. In a few minutes, you can find the best content to acquire in your area. Also, it’s simple to find works that are anticipated to be widely well-received.
The number of unscripted show formats traded has increased. This article examines the global trade in unscripted formats. It provides information on deals announced in the last three months (Sept’22 -Nov’22). Check out this list for a look at TV format trends in 2022. Plus, here’s a list of unscripted shows that are travelling around the world. Both provide information about the market’s requirements.
The UK and the US continue to be the biggest exporters of formats. There’s been more activity in Canada, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany as well. It is also worth noting that Japan and South Korea are becoming more interested in the TV format trade.
Format experts Banijay Group and Fremantle face increasing competition. Newcomers have boosted local productions overseas. They’ve also increased their reach in format distribution.
Talent, game, music and lifestyle shows travel the most. Makeover and quiz shows follow.
Check out some of these top unscripted TV formats travelling internationally.
Queens for the Night
Michael McIntyres The Wheel
Password 1
Claim to Fame
Big Show
Thats My Jam
dancing with the stars
Saudi Idol
Drive Thru OKE
Norges sprekeste
Alone new
The Bridge Hungary
El Puente
Chain Reaction
1 Club
Family Feud
quiz hunt
The Switch


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