Virtual Production Unveiled: A Hollywood Insider’s Tech Odyssey

Virtual Production

Welcome to the Vitrina Podcast, where we dive into the most innovative and cutting-edge companies from within the global entertainment supply chain.
In this episode of Vitrina Podcast, we welcome James Blevins, Co-founder at MESH.

Explore James’ insights on virtual production, the adoption of this groundbreaking technology in TV commercials, and the recent developments and advancements that are reshaping the industry. From Hollywood to the HPA-NET committee, James’ unique perspective promises an engaging conversation.

But you know what we’re really good at on movie sets? Making light. We’ve been doing it a long time, you know? And it’s something that’s pretty well covered.

Podcast Chapters

00:00 – Introduction and Background
03:18 – Early Experience with Technology
06:08 – Transition to Hollywood and Work at Disney and Netflix
09:03 – Introduction to Virtual Production
10:15 – Changes in Virtual Production
16:03 – Adoption of Virtual Production in TV Commercials
19:04 – Recent Developments in Virtual Production
21:53 – Advancements in Virtual Production Walls
23:19 – Technological Changes and the Impact on the Industry
27:29 – OpenAI’s Sora and the Future of AI
30:20 – The Role of the HPA and the NET Committee
36:19 – Recent Focus of the NET Committee
41:14 – Upcoming Year and Exciting Developments
42:10 – Closing Remarks

Honestly, Sora is going to be the same way. We’re all going to be marveling at this for about two or three months. Then we’re going to be tapping our foot going, okay, what’s next?

About MESH:

MESH, a dynamic team of Virtual Production Specialists, accelerates your project from concept to reality in just six weeks. They connect you with film/TV industry leaders, innovators in virtual production, VFX, software development, and infrastructure. Whether your timeline is six weeks or months, MESH ensures your vision becomes virtual reality with precision and expertise.

MESH's Latest Work

Why You Should Connect With MESH?
  • Expertise in Virtual Production: MESH specializes in virtual production, offering extensive knowledge and experience in this cutting-edge field, ensuring that buyers can tap into the latest trends and technologies.
  • Comprehensive Production Services: From pre-production to post-production, MESH provides a range of services, including crew scouting, budget, and schedule preparation. Buyers can benefit from a one-stop solution for their production needs.
  • Proven Track Record: With successful completion of multiple projects, MESH has demonstrated its capabilities in delivering high-quality virtual production services. Buyers can have confidence in partnering with a company that has a strong reputation in the industry.
  • Creative Script Breakdown: MESH stands out by offering a unique service of breaking down scripts to identify virtual production opportunities creatively and financially. Buyers can leverage this to enhance their projects.
  • Efficient Project Launch: MESH’s ability to launch virtual production projects in as little as six weeks is a significant advantage for buyers looking for quick and efficient project initiation. This ensures a streamlined process and faster time to market.

In Conversation With

james blevins
James Blevins
Co-founder – MESH

A seasoned consultant and strategic leader in the media and entertainment industry, boasting 15 years of expertise in VFX. Recognized for groundbreaking contributions to Netflix, Disney, and Lucasfilm, where he played a pivotal role in fostering innovation across storytelling workflows and production management.

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