Trending content deals in Film and Television – February 2023

Feb2023 Content Highlights 1

Trending content deals in Film and Television – February 2023

Trending content deals in Film and Television – February 2023

Trending content deals in Film and Television – February 2023

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Take a look at some of the trending content deals in film and television – February 2023. Track titles that are doing well in international trade.

The ones to watch

Joyland 🇵🇰 🇺🇸
Urdu Drama · Romance, Country of origin: Pakistan & United States of America
As a patriarchal family yearn for the birth of a baby boy to continue their family line, their youngest son secretly joins an erotic dance theatre and falls for a transgender starlet.


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Run Rabbit Run 🇦🇺 🇺🇸
Run Rabbit Run 1
English, Thriller · Horror, Country of origin: Australia & United States of America
Sarah is a fertility doctor with a firm understanding of the cycle of life. When she is forced to make sense of the increasingly strange behavior of her young daughter Mia, she must challenge her own beliefs and confront a ghost from her past.


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Knutby 🇸🇪
Swedish Drama : Season Renewal, Country of origin: Sweden
Anna, a young and naive woman, moves to Knutby to become part of the free church congregation as a nanny, which to her seems like a warm and pious community. But soon the idyll that never existed crackles, and manipulation, power games, social exclusion, group pressure, brainwashing, fanaticism and both more and less religiously sanctioned left-wing chatter end in murder and grief.


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The Return 🇮🇹 🇬🇧
The Return
English – Planned, Country of origin: Italy & United Kingdom
After 20 years away, Odysseus (Fiennes) washes up on the shores of Ithaca, haggard and unrecognizable. The King has finally returned home but much has changed in his kingdom since he left to fight in the Trojan war.

Latest Projects in Development

Booster Gold 🇺🇸
Booster Gold
HBO Max signed a production deal with DC Films for Booster Gold
I Know What You Did Last Summer 🇺🇸
I know what you did last summer

Sony Pictures Entertainment to produce “Untitled I Know What You Did Last Summer Sequel”


Latest Avails

The Seven Faces of Jane 🇺🇸
The Seven Faces of Jane
  • Great Escape signed a distribution deal with Superconductor for The Seven Faces of Jane for International
  • Gravitas Ventures signed a distribution deal with UTA Independent Film Group and Superconductor for The Seven Faces of Jane for North America – Theatrical and VOD
The Starling Girl 🇺🇸
The Starling Girl
  • Architect signed a distribution deal with 2AM and Pinky Promise for The Starling Girl for International
  • Bleecker Street Media signed a distribution deal with UTA Independent Film Group and WME Independent for The Starling Girl for North America – Theatrical


Latest Season Renewals

Hotel Portofino 🇬🇧
Hotel Portofino
Eagle Eye Drama signed a production deal with Beta Film and Drugi Plan for Hotel Portofino Season 3
Poker Face
Poker Face

Peacock signed a production deal with MRC, T-Street and Animal Pictures for Poker Face Season 2

Formats travelling abroad

The Bridge (Indian Version) 🇮🇳
The Bridge
Endemol Shine India signed a production deal with Black Knight Films for The Bridge (Indian version) (working title) for India
The Traitors (Denmark Version) 🇩🇰
the traitors
TV2 signed a production deal with Blu for The Traitors (Denmark version) (working title) for Denmark
Rectangle 9

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Latest Licensing Deals

Ride On 🇨🇳
Ride On
ATV signed an acquisition deal with Golden Network Asia for Ride On for Turkey
The Storms of Jeremy Thomas 🇬🇧
The Storms of Jeremy Thomas
Joint Entertainment, A Contracorriente, Cohen Media Group and Curzon signed a distribution deal with Visit Films for The Storms of Jeremy Thomas for Taiwan, Spain, USA, UK and Ireland

Recent Acquisitions

She Came to Me 🇺🇸
She Came to Me

Sky signed an acquisition deal with Protagonist Pictures for She Came to Me for United Kingdom, Ireland

Supernormal 🇪🇸
  • Radiotelevisão Portuguesa signed an acquisition deal with Beta Film for Supernormal for Portugal
  • Nova TV and Nova Cyprus signed an acquisition deal with Beta Film for Supernormal for Greece, Cyprus

Trending Middle Eastern Content

Valeria Is Getting Married 🇮🇱🇺🇦
Valeria Is Getting Married

HBO Europe signed an acquisition deal with M-Appeal for Valeria Is Getting Married for Central and Eastern Europe (Including Poland, Romania, Czech Republic)


Hebrew Drama Country of origin: Israel & Ukraine
Also known as:Valeria Mithatenet
Christina is a Ukrainian woman who moved to Israel through a ‘bride-to-order’ kind of deal. Compared to her life back in Ukraine, life in Israel is great for Christina. She works in a beauty salon, earns her own money, and loves Israel. Her Israeli husband Michael is also satisfied with this marriage. He is happy that he found a woman who can live with him. In fact, he is so satisfied that he starts his own little business scouting for Ukrainian brides for other Israeli men. Michael’s recent matchmaking is a special one—the bride’s name is Valeria, and she’s Christina’s younger sister. Michael went out of his way and found the best man he could get for her. His name is Eitan, and while he may not be the most handsome guy in the country, he is a good-hearted, generous man. However, Valeria is different to her older sister. And the whole delicate balance is at risk.
Warsha 🇫🇷🇱🇧

Netflix signed an acquisition deal with Front Row Filmed Entertainment and New Europe Film Sales for Warsha for Worldwide


Arabic Drama, Country of origin:France & Lebanon
A Syrian migrant working as a crane operator in Beirut volunteers to cover a shift on one of the most dangerous cranes, where he is able to find his freedom.


Trending French Content

Pandore 🇧🇪
SBS, Walter Presents, MHz networks and Telus signed an acquisition deal with About Premium Content for Pandore for Australia, UK & Ireleand, Canada & USA respectively 


The Sitting Duck 🇫🇷🇩🇪
The Sitting Duck
French Drama · Thriller, Country of origin: France, Germany
Also known as:La Syndicaliste
La syndicaliste is the true story of Maureen Kearney, the head union representative of a French multinational nuclear powerhouse. She became a whistleblower, denouncing top-secret deals that shook the French nuclear sector. Alone against the world, she fought government ministers and industry leaders, tooth and nail to bring the scandal to light and to defend more than 50,000 jobs.. Her life was turned upside down when she was violently assaulted in her own home… The investigation is carried out under pressure: the subject is sensitive. Suddenly, new elements create doubt in the minds of the investigators. At first a victim, Maureen becomes a suspect.

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