Seeking Buyers for 2D Animation Series national/International Rights

Silver Slate Animation

My objective in sending this proposal for our own IP project WILD SPARKLES (2D animation Series).

Start by clearly defining the scope of our animation project. What is the purpose of the animation? The answer is marketing, entertainment, and educational purposes. The target audience 06-11 years kids.

Main outline the specific deliverables for our animation project is includes the number of 27 episode for the season first season, the duration of the Episode contains 11 minutes.

Here I am presenting you the over view of the show.

Now next is the timeline and budget for our project which can be discuss further. We are Setting up realistic deadlines for each phase of the production, including scriptwriting, Pre-production, storyboarding, animation, and post-production. Consider any emergency dependencies or potential roadblocks that may impact the timeline.

We are really exited to launch/release our Animation series at good platform.

Requesting to please go through this link and let us know your further interest.
Hoping to receive positive response from your end.

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Silver Slate Animation


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