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Struggling to find local, high-quality Post-pro studios in lesser-known locations? We can help!

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Source the right post production partners with the necessary technical expertise, equipment, and security measures
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Acquiring International Content

Buying content from new countries (example – South Korea, Turkey, Japan, Brazil) is always complex if you haven’t dealt or dabbled into those markets. There are three key problems in the path to international content acquisitions

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Vitrina specializes in connecting you with top local post-production companies in various regions, including Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and more. Our platform provides access to a global network, ensuring you find the right partners, even in less commonly served locations.


Vitrina connects professionals in the Post-Production by allowing post-production leads, studios, and service providers to explore collaborations, understand industry trends, and engage with opportunities specific to their needs.

Industry Leaders Trust Vitrina

Vitrina’s platform plays a crucial role in helping us evaluate potential partners on a global scale.

P. Jayakumar
CEO Toonz Media Group

Vitrina’s global intelligence for production projects has helped us gauge market pulse and pursue new opportunities.

Chuck Parker
CEO, Sohonet
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Vitrina’s PartnerFinder continues to connect us with international entertainment companies for co-production

Devendra Deshpande
CEO, Friday Filmworks
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