Drowning in fragmented information and

relying on word-of-mouth?

Stay on top of global M&E expansions, partnerships, emerging market trends, and more with Vitrina’s AI-driven intel. Turn information into strategy to fuel your next big move.

Trend Tracking

Anticipate market movements and stay ahead of the curve
  • Get daily updates on global content acquisitions and fundings
  • Analyze content trends by market, genre, language, and major deal-makers to align your strategy

Streamline your strategy

Simplify your decision-making with strong intel
  • Discover the most active companies by location, team size, past work and credits, current projects and partners, rankings, certification and more
  • Get a digest of intel about current news, global market trends, and competitors to understadn the industry landscape

Content Utilization

Maximize the potential of your content archive
  • Get strategic insights of trends to decide how to best utilize the content that’s often left untouched in archives
  • Understand rights and content management issues, and discover opportunities for distribution and licensing

You’re using analog tactics to gather intel

Scattered notes from trade shows, unreliable word-of-mouth deals, and countless hours of manual intel gathering… sound familiar?

You’re never seeing the big picture with dated research methods and the shuffle of tribal knowledge.


Gain deep industry insights with Vitrina

Vitrina’s AI-powered industry intel consolidates fragmented data, providing a clear map of the entertainment supply chain, globally.

Discover, analyze, and act on market trends, partner opportunities, and content insights with ease.

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