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In the landscape of independent cinema, “One Way Out” emerges as a standout home-invasion thriller that intertwines suspense with deep human emotion. Set for release in 2024, with all rights available and worldwide no territory restrictions, this feature film is a gripping narrative of survival, friendship, and resilience, making it a prime acquisition for distributors looking to captivate a global audience.

About “One Way Out”

In the wake of an unforeseen breakup, a young woman seeks solace in the company of her closest friends, embarking on a getaway that promises to be a remedy for their woes. However, their search for peace is violently altered by the arrival of two enigmatic intruder. What ensues is a relentless fight for survival, marking an unexpected journey from vulnerability to empowerment. “One Way Out” is a testament to the enduring spirit of friendship and the innate strength found in unity.

Why “One Way Out”?

Female-Driven Narrative:
At its core, “One Way Out” is propelled by strong female characters, offering a compelling draw for the 18-35 demographic, particularly women of color, seeking representation and relatability in cinema.

Elevated Thriller:
This film elevates the traditional thriller genre, weaving psychological depth into the fabric of its suspenseful storyline, ensuring a gripping viewing experience from start to finish.

Co-viewing Appeal:
While the film’s powerful female-led narrative appeals directly to female audiences, its intense action, universal themes of survival, and dynamic character development provide a broad entry point for male viewers as well.

Screening Availability:
To provide a deeper insight into the film’s potential, screeners and trailers are available upon request.

We are seeking distribution partners who are passionate about bringing unique, thought-provoking, and emotionally engaging cinema to audiences.

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