PROCEN STUDIO: Localization Services in Japanese【Tokyo, JAPAN】

Procen Studio

We, PROCEN STUDIO, known for our major titles “The Boys” and “Fallout,” are a dubbing and subtitling studio based in central Tokyo.
We’ve been serving Netflix, Amazon and other global content creators for 45 years.

【What we do】
・Localization for movies, documentaries and TV shows
・Audio production for Japanese anime
・Audio and Video post-production for game audio, trailers, local programs

From: English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, German, Hindi, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese
To: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

・7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Mixing stage
・5.1 Mixing stage
・7 recording rooms

・English, Chinese, Korean speaking production managers
・Skilled and experienced in-house mixing engineers

・TPN certified

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Procen Studio

Procen Studio


Post-Production, Localisation

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