Nollywood Narratives: Moses Babatope on Nigeria’s Film Landscape

Nigeria Film Moses Nollywood

Nollywood Narratives: Moses Babatope on Nigeria’s Film Landscape

Nollywood Narratives: Moses Babatope on Nigeria’s Film Landscape

Moses Babatope, co-founder and managing director of FilmOne, discusses the journey and structure of FilmOne, the impact of 2023 on the Nigerian market, and the demand for international content in Nigeria.

Welcome to the Vitrina Podcast, where we dive into the most innovative and cutting-edge companies from within the global entertainment supply chain.
In this episode of Vitrina Podcast, we welcome Moses Babatope, Co-Founder, MD at FilmOne Entertainment.

Nigeria, as you know, is a hotbed of production activity. There’s so much productions going on. As you know, it’s the number one producer of content in the world. Over 2 ,000 films made a year.

Moses Babatope discusses the journey of FilmOne, the impact of 2023 on the Nigerian market, and the demand for international content in Nigeria. He highlights the potential for co-production partnerships and the export-friendly nature of Nigerian content, particularly in the epic, drama, and crime genres. Moses also shares his excitement for upcoming projects in 2024.

Podcast Chapters

00:00 Introduction and Background
01:15  FilmOne’s Journey and Business Structure
08:47 Post-Production and Value Chain
11:32  Impact of 2023 on Nigerian Market
15:38 Demand for International Content in Nigeria
25:26 Co-Production Partnerships
28:39 Exciting Projects in 2024


  • FilmOne is a leading entertainment company in Africa, with divisions in cinema exhibition, distribution, production, and more.
  • The Nigerian market experienced a strong production activity in 2023, despite the impact of the Hollywood strikes.
  • Nigerian audiences have a preference for English language and well-made indigenous language films in cinemas, while Korean films and series dominate the streaming platforms.
  • Epics, dramas, and crime stories are export-friendly genres in Nigerian storytelling.
  • FilmOne is open to co-production partnerships and is excited about upcoming projects in 2024.

As far as streaming is concerned, the Korean films and series are dominating whenever they’ve been released. We’re very big on the K -drama. It’s doing very well here.

About FilmOne Entertainment:

FilmOne Entertainment is a leading independent film company based in West Africa, specializing in premium Nollywood releases. Their extensive distribution network covers theatrical distribution, inflight entertainment, streaming platforms, and linear TV networks. As exclusive theatrical licensees for major studios like Disney, Warner Brothers Discovery, and Sony Pictures, they’ve achieved remarkable success with the Top 10 Nollywood titles in West Africa. Additionally, their in-house production teams collaborate on blockbuster Nollywood films and maintain strategic partnerships for global content distribution.

Latest from FilmOne Entertainment's Catalog:

Why You Should Connect With FilmOne Entertainment?

Diverse Expertise: FilmOne Entertainment’s expertise lies in distribution, digital distribution, in-flight entertainment, theatrical distribution, co-production, and various content-related services. Their extensive specializations make them a one-stop solution for diverse content needs.

Global Reach: With a presence in Lagos, Nigeria, FilmOne Entertainment operates globally and has a strong reputation within the distribution domain. They have successfully collaborated with international airlines and streaming giants like Netflix, Emirates, and United Airlines, showcasing their ability to cater to a global audience.

Major Studio Partnerships: As exclusive theatrical licensees to major studios such as The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers Discovery, and Sony Pictures Entertainment, FilmOne Entertainment has established strong partnerships. This positions them as a reliable conduit for accessing premium content and distribution rights.

Proven Track Record: FilmOne Entertainment has an impressive track record, having distributed major projects like “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” “The Marvels,” and “Dune: Part Two.” Their association with renowned clients such as Netflix and successful distribution deals with major studios underline their competence and reliability.

End-to-End Services: FilmOne Entertainment is not only a distribution company but also a full-fledged production house with in-house writers, content development teams, and editors. This allows buyers to explore comprehensive services, including script development, production, and marketing, making FilmOne a versatile and valuable partner in the entertainment industry.

In Conversation With

Moses Babatope
Moses Babatope
Co-Founder, MD at FilmOne Entertainment, Group Deputy MD at Filmhouse Group

With over 18 years of experience in cinema operations management, film production, and distribution across the UK and Nigeria, Moses has played a pivotal role in establishing FilmOne as the largest cinema chain in West Africa and a rapidly growing studio-style organization. He oversees theatrical distribution for major Hollywood studios, including Fox, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, and STX in English-speaking West Africa.

FilmOne Entertainment

Lagos, Nigeria

Get in touch with FilmOne Entertainment

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