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First of all greetings from Brasil! This text is to introduce and share more about Dubrasil. We have a huge experience with dubbing and translation for all type of content with Brazilian Portuguese localization and we would love to provide support to your team if you need brazilian portuguese localization.

Dubrasil is a dubbing studio-school, localization, translation, subtitling, narration and audiovisual production with more than 18 years in the market and offers one of the most renowned Dubbing courses in the country.

Our studio was founded in São Paulo in 2005 by Hermes Baroli (Actor graduated from EAD/USP School of Dramatic ArtsBrazil’s most renowned acting school. With over 35 years of experience in acting and directing dubbing, Hermes continues to contribute to the industry to this day. Presently residing in Los Angeles, he directs and instructs dubbing classes in English, emerging as a prominent figure responsible for enhancing the quality of North American dubbing) and Zodja Pereira (With a career spanning over six decades, where she worked tirelessly to promote the development and rights of dubbing professionals for many years. Zodja has left a lasting legacy in the fields of theater, television, and dubbing.) always aiming at artistic and technical quality, on a journey to make Brazilian dubbing continue to be considered “One of the best dubbings in the world”.

In our 18 years, we have in our portfolio several successful projects such as: Game of Thrones (HBO), The Walking Dead (FOX), Silicon Valley (HBO), Polly Pocket, My Hero Academia (Crunchyroll), Attack on Titan(Crunchyroll), Gabby’s Dollhouse (Netflix), Perfume: The Story of a Murderer Story (Netflix) and many others.

Dubrasil currently has 07 recording studios, workstations for quality control and 03 mixing studios (2.0 and 5.1), all of them equipped with the latest equipment, ready to meet the needs of your project with maximum quality, care, commitment and responsibility with deadlines. Our production process is rigorously monitored and certified by TPN (Trusted Partner Network) as well as your studio. With strong focus on security and commitment to each project, our clients have the guarantee that we will always provide them with the best final product, with the care and protection.

Beyond the technical care, we have a huge commitment to artist quality and voice rotation since our company have the first dubbing school in Brazil and with the dubbing specialization course for actors. Dubrasil has at their disposal the most complete voice bank in the country, aiming at renewal, representation, inclusion and recycling. This places us as a source of new talents, since it is in growing development every year requiring new faces and voices every day. We will always work together with our client, considering any particular necessities and transforming each one of our services exclusive to each project and client.

You can find our presentation here: https://www.centraldubrasil.com.br/dubrasilpresentation with more infos about our company and history.

Looking forward to be part of your team of dubbing supplier for Brazilian Portuguese localization!

All the best! 😊

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