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In this episode of Vitrina Podcast, we welcome Angela Colla, Head of Business Unit, International Licensing, Content Distribution & Partnerships at Globo International Distribution.

When we were at Content Americas, we were there to show how vast our portfolio is.

We dive into the world of Globo International Distribution, a powerhouse based in São Paulo, Brazil, and a vital component of the esteemed Grupo Globo, exploring partnerships, key markets, and more. Join us for an insightful ride.

Podcast Chapters

00:00 01:00 Introductions
01:01 09:09 Angela discusses Globo’s recent success at Content Americas. She also emphasizes the success of their first digital-first streaming telenovela on GloboPlay, breaking records in viewership.
09:10 14:01 The conversation delves into the vast content portfolio of Globo, producing 35,000 hours annually, and collaborating with independent production companies. Angela explains the importance of diverse content to cater to different audience segments.
14:02 19:58 The Hollywood strikes and industry changes are addressed, with Angela emphasizing the need for adaptation to new business models and technologies. The podcast explores Globo’s international expansion strategies, focusing on licensing, co-productions, and format deals.
19:59 23:24 Angela shares insights into Globo’s belief in the travelability of Brazilian content, citing successful international sales of telenovelas like “Brazil Avenue.” She highlights their approach to partnerships and co-productions, aiming to find the right balance for global distribution.
23:25 31:24 The discussion extends to Globo’s efforts in entering new markets, with a focus on Europe, Africa, and Asia. Angela mentions their recent distribution partnership with Thema in France, aiming to strengthen their presence in the Asian market.
31:25 34:04 The podcast concludes with Angela expressing openness to partnerships and collaborations, welcoming discussions with potential partners for various genres and types of shows.

Co-production is not about volume. It’s about the right partner, the right content, to make it a great show for two different audiences…

About Globo International Distribution:

Globo International Distribution stands as the preeminent Latin American powerhouse in the realm of multiplatform content production. With an astonishing annual output exceeding 3000 hours in both entertainment and journalistic genres, their commitment to excellence has earned them a stellar reputation. Boasting 17 International Emmy Awards, they have consistently set industry benchmarks for the quality of their productions.

Latest from Globo International Distribution's Catalog

Why You Should Connect With Globo International Distribution?
  • Global Reach: With an extensive track record of distributing programs to over 130 countries, Globo International Distribution offers unparalleled access to a vast global audience.
  • Diverse Content Catalog: Boasting more than 300 teledramaturgy titles, Globo International Distribution provides a rich and diverse catalog, catering to various genres such as drama, soap, comedy, and more.
  • Industry Recognition: As a recipient of 17 International Emmy Awards, Globo’s commitment to excellence and the high quality of its productions is globally acknowledged, ensuring top-tier content for potential buyers.
  • Strategic Partnerships: With a history of successful deals and partnerships with major players like Sociedad Gestora de Televisión Net TV, S.A., Sociedad Televisora Larranaga, Canal 2, TVN, and BTV Media Group, Globo International Distribution is a trusted collaborator in the industry.
  • Innovative Distribution Solutions: Leveraging its expertise in various distribution types, including acquired rights, package deals, and distribution rights, Globo International Distribution offers innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the entertainment market.

In Conversation With

Craig German
Angela Colla
Head of Business Unit | International Licensing | Content Distribution & Partnerships
Angela Colla
Head of Business Unit | International Licensing | Content Distribution & Partnerships

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Angela has a strong background in the media industry, she has played a pivotal role in Globo’s international ventures, contributing to strategic initiatives and fostering collaborations.

Globo International Distribution

São Paulo, Brazil

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