Impact of Global Slowdown and Hollywood Strikes

September, 2023

Webinar : Impact of Global Slowdown and Hollywood Strikes

  • Changing Market Dynamics

    We recently met with a number of global and pan-regional players including Comcast, GoogleTV, Banijay, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fremantle, Endeavor/ WME to discuss our latest state-of-the-industry report. This was to aid their 2024 annual planning exercise amidst the current slowdown and the Hollywood strikes. In this webinar, we will present an abridged version of that report. 

  • Top 15 Industry Leaders

    This webinar also covers the Top 15 entertainment groups including Netflix, Amazon, Banijay, RTL, Paramount and highlights their latest actions. Plus we will feature an exclusive sneak-peek to worldwide share-of-market in Film + TV productions.

  • Regional View

    Strikes, slowdown and Top-15 investments – how does the Global landscape compare versus Americas, APAC and EMEA. This webinar will shine the spotlight on the regional picture as well.

“The entertainment industry is going through significant changes, and there’s never been a better time to be part of it. At Vitrina, we’ve been leading the way in keeping an eye on the global Film & TV supply chain, including daily production greenlighting.”

Atul Phadnis

CEO, Vitrina AI

In August 2023, we witnessed the lowest film + TV production rates in the last 24 months. Our upcoming webinar will unveil the insights from the Vitrina report on the “Share of Market for Film+TV Production,” offering a deep dive into the evolving production market share trends within the global entertainment industry.

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